18 — Joey Coleman — Never Lose a Client Again: Creating Memorable Experiences to Gain an Advocate for Life


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"If you don't have systems that you can execute on consistently, you don't actually have a business — you have an expensive hobby." - Joey Coleman

  • How can law firm owners compete with the likes of Amazon and Netflix in terms of client experience?
  • Why does every client automatically feel buyer's remorse (and what can you do about it)?
  • What don't you learn about client experience when you sit the JD?
  • How can you really turn attorney-phobic clients into powerful advocates of your law firm?

The Secret To Never Losing A Client Again

For nearly 20 years, Joey Coleman has helped organizations retain their best clients and turn them into raving fans. But he wasn’t born an expert on client experience. Believe it or not, Joey honed his communication skills in the courtroom as a trial attorney.

According to Joey, all attorneys got into law first and foremost because they wanted to help people — to protect, defend, support, and encourage their clients. That's why delivering a world-class client experience should be a total no-brainer.

The New Buyer's Journey — Where Client Experience Is Everything

Most entrepreneurs know the traditional buyer’s journey, which focuses on only three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. But this traditional buyer’s journey doesn’t reflect the way consumers make decisions today.

Joey explains how law firm owners should be thinking about the new buyer’s journey — eight distinct phases that start with the client's assessment of you and end with the holy grail: client advocacy.

Results vs. Experience: Why Clients Like You More When You Change Their Minds

Does getting a great result in a trial automatically get you a great rating and referral from the client? Every time you have a new client, you're being judged on their previous experiences with attorneys. Joey says client experience trumps the result of any ruling, however impressive. He explains how preconceptions and baggage can be used to your advantage, and why failing and then turning a result around only makes your client appreciate you more.

Key takeaways:

  • First impressions are lasting impressions. If you're marketing yourself as a world-class law firm, you need to deliver the experience that you're promising. Joey explains why lawyers don't always have the best training in client experience, and what you need to know to better your offering.
  • As an attorney, managing clients expectations can be a balancing act. Joey gives his thoughts on navigating client expectations, both as a former trial attorney and as the client experience expert he is today.
  • Joey and Michael discuss the importance of alignment. To be the best, law firm owners need to assess the experience they're giving to their employees and see if it is of the caliber of the experience they're hoping they will deliver to their clients.

Joey’s First 100 Days® Implementation Kit

Joey has generously offered to give away a free First 100 Days® Implementation Kit designed exclusively for lawyers. This kit is designed to help you grow your business, enhance your client interactions, and increase the number of referrals you receive. This exclusive resource will walk you through the 8 phases of the client journey and use the 6 tools that Joey believes are the secret weapon to communicate with your client across these 8 phases. Download free here.

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