014: Dealing with Burnout as an Entrepreneur with Lydia Lee


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Whether you’re staying in the cubicle because you want to, or whether you’re in the transition to an entrepreneur, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset is important for both entrepreneurs and corporate employees. An entrepreneurial mindset is one that takes control of their own destiny and finds how you can be a leader in your own life instead of whatever external circumstances that come in your life.

However, entrepreneurs can be some of the most passionate and driven people. But this can cause them to also be too obsessive with work and become out of balance which causes stress and burnout.

Last episode, we spoke with Lydia Lee, founder of Screw the Cubicle on her experience with burnout as a corporate employee. This episode, she shares with us how she experienced burnout a second time. This time, it was during her entrepreneurial journey. Her second burnout happened during her 2nd year of entrepreneurship.

Join us as Lydia shares the lessons she has learned from going through stress and burnout twice in her career journey.


  • Hustling as an entrepreneur (6:15)
  • Scarcity mentality (7:12)
  • The difference between corporate and entrepreneurial burnout (7:58)
  • Finding your zone of genius (11:50)
  • Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone (13:20)
  • Managing people is not an easy job (13:37)
  • 90-Day Review (15:00)
  • Simplifying our processes in business (16:29)
  • Not everyone wants to leave the corporate world (18:22)
  • Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset (19:33)
  • What is not aligned with your values (20:18)
  • Values change over time (20:30)
  • Turn our attention to what we can control (22:00)
  • Having difficult and confrontational conversations (23:09)
  • Importance of having someone in your corner (25:45)
  • Working with a coach or mentor (27:00)
  • What is your metric of success in your business? (28:50)
  • Creating an aligned network of community (29:20)
  • You don’t need to look at every transaction as a sale (30:10)
  • The importance of questioning things (32:35)
  • Don’t isolate your creativity (32:29)



Lydia Lee the Work Reinvention Coach at Screw The Cubicle. Since 2013, she's helped people transition out of their golden corporate handcuffs to building a meaningful business that’s intentionally designed from their strengths, values, and personality.

Currently based in the tropical island of Bali, Lydia’s jam is all about reinventing how we want to work so that we can live the lifestyles we want to have.


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