Running Home with Katie Arnold: Love, loss, parenting, movement and stillness in the creative process


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In this episode of the Art and Science of Running podcast, we speak with author and ultra runner, Katie Arnold @katiearnold, about love, loss, parenting, and the roles of movement and stillness in the creative process.

Katie is the author of Running Home: A Memoir as well as an editor and columnist for Outside Magazine where she writes the popular parenting column, Raising Rippers. In addition to writing, Katie is an accomplished trail and ultra runner. Katie has won the iconic Leadville 100 as well as the multi-day TransRockies Run. Katie does all of this while being a partner, mother, and writing retreat leader.

Running Home: A Memoir

Jacob Puzey @jacobpuzey met Katie at the TransRockies Run and reached out after reading her book, Running Home: A Memoir. At the time of the interview, Jacob felt like they were able to connect about many of the themes of her book, but it wasn’t until the recent ordeal with his brother, Tommy @tommy_rivs, that he more fully appreciated the toll that it takes on someone when a person that they love is suffering from a distance.

While reviewing this interview, Jacob gained an even greater appreciation for Katie and her experience and her willingness to share it so openly and articulately with the world. Please enjoy this episode and then be sure to read or reread her book, Running Home: A Memoir. Add it to your library this holiday season. You won’t regret it.

If possible, purchase the book from a local book store. If not, find it on Amazon through the links below:

Paperback: Running Home: A Memoir

Kindle: Running Home: A Memoir

Audiobook: Running Home: A Memoir

Raising Rippers

In addition to her memoir, Running Home, Katie has been writing about parenting adventurous kids in her Outside Magazine column Raising Rippers. She shares her philosophy about parenting in this interview with Jacob Puzey. She shares ideas on how to be creative and productive while kids are at home.

“I want to raise kids who are stewards of the outdoors and environment and are comfortable in their bodies and have confidence in themselves . . . who are strong and have that sense of internal strength that you get from being an athlete, to be movers.”

Katie Arnold

Here are some articles written by Katie that you might enjoy:

“Are You an Elk Parent or a Bison Parent? The fine line between holding on and letting go”

“Running to Sit Still: Or how running and meditating both led one woman to the same unexpected place”

“Running Through the Fear”

“How the Outdoors Makes Your Kids Smarter: The freedom to move and play outside inspires creativity and improved brain function”

“Want a Strong Kid? Encourage Play, Not Competition: The best way to raise capable kids is to fuel their love of games—and stop forcing them to compete against each other”

Running and Writing Retreats

In addition to running and writing, Katie invites others to join her in running and writing retreats.

Katie describes the writing and running processes as moving meditation, a waking daydream. Her retreats are geared for people that are runners but don’t have to be serious runners or writers but don’t have to be serious writers. The goal of her retreats is to explore the flow state because when your body is flowing and moving your ideas are too.

Writing and running explore the symbiosis of mind, body and heart.

“For me running is about being in nature. When we go into the wild outside of us, we go into our own wild and find that truth that we may be hesitant to say or don’t even know, but it is in us.”

Katie Arnold

For more information about the running and writing retreats that Katie leads, please visit:

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