What Matters Most - part 2 (1/13/2021)


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Three Types of Truth

The only way to know with certainty that our umwelt matches reality is to know everything there is to know in the world.

Does the Bible Give Us Access to Absolute Truth?

· The Bible is Contextually Human

o It uses a language that humans in a particular time and place understood and that most of us don’t.

§ It uses phrases that meant something different back then than it does now.

§ Example: “foot” is a euphemism for genitals (Isa. 7:20; Deut. 28:57; Ezek. 16:25; 2 Sam. 11:8; Prov. 19:2).

o Can we filter out the very human parts and find the parts where it is telling us Absolute Truth?

· The Bible Must Be Interpreted by Humans

o If some parts do give us access to Absolute Truth and others are “contextually human”, how would I know which is which?

o We would need a Divine Interpreter

o All we have are human interpreters

· The Bible, like humans, is not God

o Our offense at the idea that the Bible doesn’t give us Absolute Truth shows we have made the Bible an idol.

o When Jesus left Earth, he didn’t say that it’s good for him to go away because he leaves behind an unchanging book, but he does leave behind the Advocate/Spirit of Truth (John 16).

Truth is Overworked and Underpaid

· Many think that since we don’t have access to absolute truth (only God does), the human experience will be barbaric.

· Everyday certainties do not require that we get the whole truth before we get any truth.

Three Different Types of Truth

· Fact truth; Meaning Truth; Wisdom Truth

Fact Truth: true even if we are dead

· Facts that exist outside human interaction

· We use two methods to produce fact truths

o Logical argument

o Scientific method

· Fact truths don’t answer questions of morality

Meaning Truth: the sharing of the human experience

· Science takes things apart to see how they work, religion, philosophy, psychology etc., puts things together to see what they mean.

· Meaning truth is the relationship between something and someone (or two someone(s)) to establish relevance, significance, and value.

· Meaning truth is about taking the facts of life and becoming away of, or determining, their place in our lives.

Wisdom Truth; navigating life well

· Wisdom is not the beliefs in our head, but a life well lived.

· Wisdom truths are about figuring out how to navigate the practical realities of what it means to be human.

· Wisdom truth can come from various traditions.

· Wisdom truth is thoroughly personal, it cannot be true if you are deceased.

The Bible is Designed to Cultivate Wisdom

· Rather than a book designed to provide answers, the Bible encourages questions to encourage a lifelong process of maturation.

· We are encouraged to wander well along the unscripted path of faith, in-tuned to the presence of God along the way.

· Instead of telling you what to do, the Bible actually encourages you to get in touch with Wisdom.

· The Bible is saying that the Creative Force of the universe that created and established Order is available to you as you’re moving forward in life.

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