Ep 161) is Biden's Numerous Dumpster Fires Created on Purpose?


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Ever since Biden was installed in the White House it's been one dumpster fire after another. The biggest two dumpster fires have been the crises at the border and the Palestinian attack on Israel. In this episode, I am going to focus on the crisis at the border.

The left constantly attacked Trump's handling of curbing illegal immigration. Every deceptive attack was used including releasing pictures of kids in cages taken during the Obama Administration and attributing them to Trump's policies. While Trump was in office illegal immigration had dropped to its lowest numbers in decades and those who did cross the border illegally were treated humanely.

Under Trump, minors brought across the border illegally were housed in facilities where they were giving rooms for privacy and beds to sleep on. They had TV and video games for entertainment, spent time outside for exercise, and regular phone calls with their parents or guardians. Since Biden was installed and eliminated Trump's policies going back to the days of catch and release, illegal border crossings have surged. Illegal Immigrants are again back in cages in conditions worse than under Obama. Leaked videos even show illegal immigrants sleeping under bridges in fenced-in areas. Where is the media on this, nowhere to be found. They attacked Trump endlessly with fake allegations and are in complete coverup mode with regards to what Biden is doing.

Why? Because despite how Biden is treating them for the first few weeks of illegally being in the US, they are NOT being sent back to their homes. Instead, Biden is resettling them in the US, illegally giving them work authorization VISAs, and taxpayer funds to live on while they seek out work. They are being resettled in Republican-controlled states in the middle of the night on secret flights. I assume the goal is to either destabilize Republican-controlled states as they prove repeatedly that conservatism works and liberalism doesn't. A more sinister thought is that they plan to flood Republican states with illegal immigrants so when they pass amnesty with voting rights, they can flip red states blue.

As the Democrats go about their open borders policy they push lies and myths. Calling them Asylum seekers, claiming a labor shortage, or just shouting "you're a racist" if you think open borders is bad policy.

I also cover more developing information about the Biden crime family. How when Joe Biden was Obama's VP, companies like Burisma would hire Hunter Biden and pay large salaries even though Hunter Biden had no experience or expertise. With the example of Burisma, that paid off as the money funneled through Hunter Biden was able to buy influence with Joe Biden to quash criminal investigations into the company or buy favorable policies from the White House.

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