When to Do Your Own Work (LA 1605)


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When to Do Your Own Work (LA 1605) Transcript: Steven Butala: Steve and Jill here. Jill DeWit: Hello. Steven Butala: Welcome to the Land Academy show entertaining land investment talk. I'm Steven Jack Butala. Jill DeWit: And, I'm Jill DeWit broadcasting from the sweet valley of the sun. Steven Butala: Today. Jill and I talk about. Jill DeWit: When to do your own work. Steven Butala: Thank you. Jill DeWit: You're welcome. Steven Butala: Script is wrong. Jill DeWit: It's okay. I got you. I got your back. We're all good. Steven Butala: Guess who did the script? Jill DeWit: It's okay. Steven Butala: It's perfect for this topic. I do all the pre-production. Jill DeWit: Yeah. Steven Butala: I do the scripts. I do the questions and all of that. Jill DeWit: This is good. Steven Butala: And I didn't do it right. Jill DeWit: When to do you your own work and when not to do your own work? Steven Butala: Maybe not do your own work when you're getting so old that he's not doing the right work correctly. Jill DeWit: Yeah, or you can't see. Steven Butala: The name of the show is When to do Your Own Work. Jill DeWit: Yeah. There we go. All right, we're going to talk about this. So I have made some notes here. I've just, my first note is "sheesh" everyone. There's a lot of people that aren't doing their own work, and we will explain. Steven Butala: Before we get into it, let's take a question posted by one of our land investors or land members on our land investors online community it's free. And don't forget to subscribe to the Land Academy YouTube channel and comment on the shows you like. Jill DeWit: Aaron wrote, "After watching a title company struggle for weeks now to get a very senior citizen seller to sign, notarize a deed themselves, and then mail it back, I'm starting to think mobile notary services can be worth the money." Jill DeWit: Yeah. Hello? Hilarious. So, this sounds to me like, because I've had some of these folks that. Steven Butala: I know you have. Jill DeWit: They're not that mobile or they just don't like to go out. So, this notary that couldn't even send a mobile notary out to them. I've had this too where they... We sent a notary out and they needed to sign on the back on the trunk of a car. They wanted to be outside and had the fresh air. And, they're just little, probably still concerned health-wise and so I get it. I get it. And you know, so you work with them. So, I guess this person is saying, "Why am I having them do that?" Because, which is true. "So, I'm paying the title company, how much money to do this work. I could have done that." Steven Butala: And, they're not getting it done. And, who knows what's going on here? Maybe the town of the company or the town that where they live is so small, that they're very used to going into town and signing everything. Jill DeWit: True. Steven Butala: And, so maybe this person's elderly and that's just not an option, or we don't really know what's going on, but the fact is this, and I'm very sure of this. You, as an investor, Aaron have a better shot of getting people to do what you want them to do over the title agent. Jill DeWit: True. You have that relationship with them. They're selling to you because of you. Steven Butala: Here's the thing and this is my opinion now. This world that we live in is becoming more increasingly the lines of everybody's responsibility and the hierarchy of things, I'm going to get a ton of emails for this. All right, is getting blurred. Ever since this COVID thing started and is now we're in it like it or not, we're post COVID or we're in it in some stage. People's responsibilities and I got my first experience with it was going to Home Depot, buying some stuff. This is in California, in Los Angeles and being standing there with somebody and they might as well have had a swastika on their arm. Steven Butala: Telling everybody where to stand, what to do, how it's going to go.

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