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Today's Breathcast guest is Ruben Meerman, most commonly known as The Surfing Scientist, Ruben is an Australian scientist, educator, author, and public speaker. He has appeared on Australian television shows to educate the public on science topics. Meerman often performs science demonstrations for school children. This is a FASCINATING Conversation about How we lose weight and how our breath is connected to this process
👉 Check out Rubens Website here: https://rubenmeerman.com/
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0:00 Introduction
1:57 How to Deeply Relax, Fast
6:00 Who is Ruben Meerman
8:50 How we lose Fat through our Breath
9:55 Whats our Poop made up of?
23:35 Ketosis and The Breath
30:25 So how is Breathing and Fat Loss Connected?
41:12 Can we use breathing exercises for Fat Loss?
45:39 Wim Hof Breathing Method
53:30 Nose Breathing
59:10 Measuring Fat Loss using our Breath
1:07:55 What can we do right after this podcast?
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