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Since we launched the Black Girl's Guide to Surviving Menopause, I have learned quite a bit about how Murphy's Law plays a role in what we produce. We are all familiar with Murphy's first law; if anything can go wrong, it will. However, I don't think many of us know that there are two other laws; nothing is as easy as it looks, and everything takes longer than you think it will. If I were to offer a podcaster's version of Murphy's law, I would posit: There's no such thing as stable Wi-fi. If your computer/tablet/cellphone battery can go dead mid-interview, it will. Sometimes what you think you've recorded vanishes into thin air. As much as there is a craft to the audio storytelling podcasting, there is also a realization that you control nothing but the good intentions you enter the conversation with.

A moment of honesty for our listeners... We entered into our conversation with our Season 4, Episode 3 guest, Satana Deberry, with excitement and a plan. Satana is not only one of the most progressive district attorneys in the country, but she is also a dear friend. Murphy, whomever Murphy is, decided to make a guest appearance on this episode and dematerialize the first 8 minutes of our conversation. Eight minutes of introduction and witty banter went like "puff"! Lucky for us and our fantastic listening audience, we pressed forward, editing the remaining parts that were in no way diminished by the podcast fates. Satana and I were able to discuss:

Our mothering journeys.

Unlearning old parenting models.

Sexual expression and intimacy.

Being special just because you are you.


Episode Notes: Satana Deberry IG: @satanadeberry

Born and raised in rural NC and educated in the Ivy League, Satana has spent her career trying to dismantle the systems of power that keep us from being free. Whether that’s the threat of ongoing economic inequality or black respectability. As the parent of young women, she is also trying to be her whole self with them rather than creating a myth of motherhood for them to dismantle later. Her current day job is as the elected DA of Durham, but her long-time passion has been being in community and sisterhood.

"Say More"!

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Produced by Mariah M.

Hosted by Omisade Burney-Scott

Theme Music by Taj Cullen Scott

We are excited to have our local NPR station, WUNC, North Carolina Public Radio, as a sponsor for Season 4 of the Black Girl's Guide to Surviving Menopause

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