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Alex Merced discusses a round up of newer technologies that provide empowerment through decentralization. Support the show (על ידי Alex Merced
This is me reflecting on a Facebook post by Stephan Kinsella questioning whether entrepreneurial skill exists (the skill that some people are better predictors). Support the show (על ידי Alex Merced
Alex Merced talks about opportunities in Decentralized Technology Coding ->, Politics and Opinion -> Support the show (על ידי Alex Merced
How movements are sparked out a feeling of being unheard, ignored and powerless How the political industry is quick to try to divert any movements effort and resources away from progress and towards their own ends Understanding of the root sentiment behind Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter, The Tea Party and the Trump Movement all moveme…
In this episode I discuss: Hate/Prejudice as a Mental Health Issue Policing, defunding and criminalization creep The structure of production and division of labor and ethics in producing/consuming culture Support the show (על ידי Alex Merced
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