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The bittersweet series finale of Princes. Last week, the party's arch-nemesis, Vizeran DeVir, took control of the World Egg, a drop of the blood of creation. With it, he can reshape the world in his image. What will our party do to free themselves from this hellscape?על ידי Jetsam Academy
Note: This episode is a board game custom made by the GM, and so it may not make as much sense audio, only, the full video episode is available at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kd3Sty5tHdA or https://www.facebook.com/jetsamacademy/videos/2370989209892798 ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★על ידי Jetsam Academy
After narrowly escaping King Haroun's court with Farro (maybe?), the party finds themselves in front of the gates of Al Zali. No longer ruins or even the temple they saw before, this small city stands between them and the Talisman they seek.על ידי Jetsam Academy
Deep in the cursed Nine Deserts, the party has found the Genie, King Haroun, who has offered to have their fortunes told. But lo and behold, the prophet he brings out is none other than Farro*!?! *Editor's Note: Last we saw Farro, he was trapped in a formless demi-plane with Dendar the Night Serpent, but the party doesn't know that! ★ Support this …
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