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Amal Mattu, MD, and Kinjal Sethuraman, MD, MPH, tell you all you need to know about carbon monoxide poisoning, he and Julie Kurek, MD, look at sodium bicarb for cardiac arrest, and he and David Gatz, MD, discuss pulmonary embolism.על ידי EMedHome.com
Amal Mattu, MD, and colleagues provide all you need to know about CAR T-cell therapy, hyperkalemia myths, occult abdominal trauma, and tubo-ovarian abscess.על ידי EMedHome.com
Amal Mattu, MD, remembers a lecture by EMN’s late Board Chairman James R. Roberts, MD, that has stuck with him for years. Bonus: He and colleagues delve into immune checkpoint inhibitors.על ידי EMedHome.com
Dr. Grock shares a story about a patient who had been bouncing in and out of the ED. What seemed like a straightforward disposition turned into more than he was bargaining for. Hear more in this month’s podcast.
Amal Mattu, MD, and colleagues delve into the crashing asthmatic, patients leaving against medical advice, and pediatric diabetic ketoacidosis in this month’s podcast.על ידי EMedHome.com
Amal Mattu, MD, and colleagues discuss the the crashing cirrhotic patient, GU emergencies in older patients, and mental health crises in this month’s podcast.על ידי EMedHome.com
Amal Mattu, MD, and colleagues examine managing sickle cell disease, complications following abortions, and spinal trauma in this month’s podcast.על ידי EMedHome.com
Bryan Brusick, RN, tells a story about dealing with an animated trauma patient. He had been hit by a car and began screaming and refused to answer questions. One of the paramedics decided to look through his bag to see if he had any drugs that would explain his erratic behavior, and learned that sometimes it's better not to look through a satchel.…
Amal Mattu, MD, and colleagues explore cardiac transplants, issues in the elderly, and the ACEP clinical policy on community-acquired pneumonia.על ידי EMedHome.com
Dr. Zahir Basrai returns to share a story from the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. A patient presented with altered mental status and needed to be intubated. Little did he know that securing the patient's airway would set off a hospital-wide fire drill.
Drs. Pescatore and Raja review the latest evidence on whether emergency physicians should initiate therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest and also talk about patient awareness during sedation while on mechanical ventilation and how much information is retained from listening to podcasts.על ידי By Richard Pescatore, DO, & Ali Raja, MD
Most of the time things go smoothly in the pediatric ED, but Zahir Basrai, MD, says when things go wrong, they go really wrong. In this episode, he shares a story of a pediatric cardiac arrest. Initially, the resuscitation was mechanical, but all of that changed when the patient’s father was brought into the room.…
Should you do a pan scan on patients who have a cardiac arrest? Drs. Pescatore and Raja weigh in on that and on AEDs in the community, head-up CPR, an elevated position to facilitate venous return, and impedance threshold devices.על ידי By Richard Pescatore, DO, & Ali Raja, MD
Amal Mattu, MD, and colleagues review the critical care literature, the STI treatment update, and CNS infections in immunocompromised adults.על ידי EMedHome.com
All emergency physicians know the specialty’s 10 commandments, written in 1991 by Corey Slovis, MD, and Keith Wrenn, MD, but now Dr. Slovis and Christopher Evans, MD, formerly a resident at Vanderbilt and now a clinical informatics fellow at the University of North Carolina, have updated them. Drs. Raja and Pescatore review all 10 and add their own…
Drs. Pescatore and Raja talk about an unexpected effect of COVID-19 and why TXA doesn’t change the need for nasal packing in their latest podcast. Bonus! An interview with Daniel Boron-Brenner, DO, on push-dose pressors.על ידי By Richard Pescatore, DO, & Ali Raja, MD
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