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As you Wish Talk Radio, cutting edge authors, healers & scientists broadcasted Live from the ECETI ranch, an internationally known UFO & Paranormal hot spot. Everyone is feeling it. Something is in the wind. Something grand is unfolding on the horizon, just around the corner. A knowingness and feeling that soon it will no longer be business as usual. Is it tumultuous times of exciting social, economic and physical Earth changes? A collective initiation and ascension into Higher Consciousness ...
Want to drop fat by eating ridiculously well and exercising less? Whether you’re into Intermittent Fasting, Keto, Paleo, Plant-Based, Wild, Carnivore or completely clueless, we’re here to help you eat right, train smarter, and transform your body and mind to be your absolute best. This family-friendly show is free of outside advertising for your listening pleasure. Winner of 4 awards and #1 in Health in 8+ countries.
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When you face adversity head-on, you can actually use challenges and setbacks to propel you to something better. And joining us today is an army veteran with incredible insight and perspective.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
How can we burn fat without hunger? Why is “eat less, exercise more” terrible advice for most people? Returning to the show this week is award-winning investigative science writer, speaker and bestselling author, Gary Taubes.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
What's the difference between being in lockdown and being in jail? Doug has a unique perspective as someone who actually spent time in jail. A former convicted felon and drug addict, Doug made the best of his time in jail to discover fitness and reinvent himself.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
Now, today we're here with a perfect person to talk to you about shaking things up. His name is Nick Shaw, and he is a former competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder, who has world class athletes, medalists and champions.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
How can we turn down our anxiety, reprogram our brains and work with our brain chemistry to create the positive changes we actually want in our lives? If you've ever been derailed by your inner monkey or dealt with existential angst, this show is for you.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
This Week "Xi Earthstar" Joins James Gilliland covering: Starseeds, Importance of Higher Frequency, Vibration, Consciousness, and working on the Lower Chakras) + Xi EarthStar is the Andromedan visionary of Earthstar Sanctuary. Xi is a Gatekeeper, shamanic healer, medicine singer, multi-dimensionality coach and self-healing guide. Xi’s starseeded so…
This Week James Gilliland Welcomes "Ameera Beth - Mer Healer" As they discuss Atlantis, Lemuria, time lines and Spiritual healing. Ameera Beth is an incarnated Mer Being and Atlantean Priestess. She holds the ancient philosophy, wisdom, and knowledge of The Great Kingdoms of Atlantis and Lemuria in her DNA and Soul remembrance. Ameera is a direct c…
While some people simply get bowled over by the trauma, chaos and failure others simply seem to get stronger. So how do we develop ourselves into the type of people that benefit from chaos?על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
Does intermittent fasting actually work? We have the perfect guest for you here today⁠—the wonderful Cynthia Thurlow, podcaster, functional nutritionist and nurse practitioner for 20+ years.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
Should we be prohibited from asking questions? If we lose the ability and right to speak, ask questions, to think for ourselves, to have sovereignty over our bodies and lives, we are on a precarious path indeed.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
With more children being home schooled than ever before, it's a good time to look at the research, and I'm happy to say that joining us on the show today is Patricia Wilkinson.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
What can Bruce Lee teach us about mental and physical transformation? Joining us is Bryant Manning, an IT professional turned health and fitness coach, who dropped over 150 pounds.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
If you're looking to save time and money in the kitchen by getting back to your roots, we have the show for you. We’re here with author, certified holistic health counselor and multi-talented mother of 5, Hilary Boynton.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
Whether you're 100% plant-based or a die-hard carnivore, there's a great deal that we all can learn from each other. And I'm honored to talk today with my friend, Geoff Palmer.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
Why do diets fail more than 90% of the time? It's no secret to many of us out there. If you've ever lost weight only to pack it back on again, this show is for you.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
When was the last time you took a luxurious breath of fresh air straight from nature? Returning to the show to save the day is the breathing and natural movement OG, Erwan Le Corre.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
It's more important than ever to do your homework and think for yourself, especially when your health is concerned. And joining us today is the perfect guest to talk through some spicy and timely topics, our friend and fellow podcaster, writer and founder of Wild Foods, Colin Stuckert.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
After 15 years in the wine business, Todd's life is dedicated to educating and helping people make better choices about food, nutrition and how they think about consuming alcohol. And we're getting into some fun and interesting topics on today's show.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
I'm happy to say that joining us is Dr. Gregory Kelly, a Naturopathic physician, author of “Shape Shift” and the director of product development over at Neurohacker Collective.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
How do we scale our intake of fat, protein, and carbs, to achieve our ideal body composition? Today, we're here with a perfect person to talk about it, the wonderful and talented, Tara Garrison.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
Today we're here with the wonderful Tyler Christensen, an author, designer, host of After The Run podcast, and a teacher who spent 15 years in classrooms as an elementary, middle school, and university instructor.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
Returning to the show today is Dr. Michael Ruscio, a bestselling author, Doctor of Natural Medicine, Doctor of Chiropractic, clinical researcher and host of Dr. Ruscio Radio.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
If you're looking to build your mental strength and fortitude, this is the episode for you. We’re here with Amy Morin discussing specific mental strength exercises to manage your emotions, regulate your thoughts and take more productive action.על ידי Abel James, FatBurningMan.com
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