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Not all stories of courage end well. Paul’s story didn’t. He was about to be executed and he knew it. Paul eased his own mind and the mind of others when he wrote that God was able to guard the Gospel. Paul’s loyalty to God above all else gave him peace and courage.על ידי Jim Hammond
The first Christmas was when the eternal Son of God, the King of Heaven, removed his regal robes of radiance to clothe himself in humility as the Son of Man in order to come and set us free. He did this to make it possible for us to remove our filthy rags and put on His garments of glory!על ידי Jim Hammond
Jesus doesn’t want a place in your life; He wants your whole life. Jesus desires, deserves, and demands preeminence! Don’t just give Jesus a place in your life; Jesus is your life. Seek, Set, Live! He’s your everything!על ידי Jim Hammond
In such a world as ours, in a massive haystack of intentionally planted misinformation, & excessive information, to bury the truth, the temptation is to give up on truth. Don’t do it. We are truth seekers! Keep seeking and you will find.על ידי Jim Hammond
Doing life together is God’s plan A for your growth, for your sanctification. It’s how you become more like Jesus. You won’t grow to be more like Jesus just by reading about him any more than you will grow muscles by watching you tube videos on weight lifting. You’ve got to practice what you are learning with other believers as you do life together…
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