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Drew Schlussel, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Wasabi joins us this episode to discuss cloud object storage, and the ways that the use of it are changing in VBR v12. Learn why Wasabi is a great option for public cloud storage and for Veeam solutions.
In this episode I discuss the Veeam Accredited Service Provider (VASP) program with Michael Stafford of the VASP team. We review how all partners can leverage VASP services, become part of the VASP program, and how to access funds to provide top-tier services to your customers.
Dan Lineback, Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat, joins us this episode to discuss the various ways that Veeam and Red Hat work together, and how partners should go to market with these solutions. Immutable repositories, RHEL, OpenShift, we discuss it all.
In this episode I am joined by Dustin Albertson, Veeam's Manager of Cloud Application Alliances. We discuss cloud native and hybrid solutions, why customers should not rely on native tools, and how partners can help promote the use of Veeam solutions in cloud solutions.
Melissa Palmer, Veeam Senior Technologist, joins to discuss her favorite topic - recovery, and all the forms it takes. We discuss ransomware recovery (because it is a disaster) and most importantly, planning and testing for the "when" not "if" moment that you will need to recover.
In this episode Veeam's CISO Gil Vega joins the podcast to discuss the impacts that ransomware and other security issues have on acquiring, and keeping, cybersecurity insurance. We cover how partners can help customers prepare for underwriting, and how solutions like Veeam are a critical component.
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