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Ray’s Rants looking back to the 1960s 1970s and 1950s in the UK Great Britain. The British music scene, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. The pubs and clubs, Watney’s Red Barrel beer, Babycham, Cherry B the night life. The cars, the workplace, television and pirate radio. Kids and schools back in the early days. 60s fashion and clothes, flairs and miniskirts. London, Caroline, Luxembourg.
AfterBuzz TV's The Prisoner AfterShow is a celebration of Patrick McGoohan's 1967 – 1968 spy fiction/science fiction/allegory 17 episode British TV series “The Prisoner”. The series addresses issues such as personal identity and freedom, democracy, education, scientific progress, art and technology, while still remaining an entertaining drama series. Over 17 recaps hosts Meredith Placko, Stef Z and Phil Svitek discuss the deeper meanings of each episode of the show and how those concerns sti ...
Wild Blue Yonder is the coming-of-age story of Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers, a smart but sheltered boy from suburban Chicago whose beloved father suddenly dies, resulting in his flunking out of college. Nate receives a draft notice from the Army but after some “encouragement” from his mother, decides to enlist in the Air Force instead. It is 1965. Nate is 20 years old. Airman Flowers goes not to Vietnam but Germany, straight into a military Catch-22. His assignment: writing stories as a repor ...
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It's the first of December tomorrow! Good grief, where has this year gone? In this episode, I mention an interesting statistic about cars. Join me for a quick chat.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
In Washington, President Kennedy makes a decision on Cuba; in Vietnam, the U.S. uncovers a Communist assassination plot; Thurgood Marshall speaks in Harlem; Marlon Brando meets the press in Australia; and a shocking upset in the NFL. Newscaster: Joe Rubenstein. Please subscribe to this podcast, and thanks for your support!…
This time it's about getting around in the 60s. Cars, bikes, buses, ferries, and next to nothing about trains, as the host did not live anywhere near a train station. To finish, we hear the road-crossing safety story of the boy who created a playground stir by simply wearing his raincoat on a rainy day. Thanks for listening! You can contact me on f…
When I was a boy, I did loads of things... good and bad! They were great days. In this episode, I recall some of the delights, and downfalls, of being a child back in the 50s and 60s.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Wow, winter has arrived! 2 degrees Centigrade - 35 Fahrenheit. I hope you're all keeping warm. No, not my Southern Hemisphere listeners. I know you're warm down there. This coming Sunday's episode is called 'When I Was A Boy'. I hope you enjoy it.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
This week I'm rambling on about the National Health Service and other stuff such as pirate radio, BBC radio, the good old days and... Join me if you will!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Come along as we journey through childhood diseases, home remedies, the pervasiveness of smoking in the 60s, sunburn, and that first illicit puff on a cigarette! Masks not required Thanks for listening! You can contact me on facebook www.childintime.life (2) Scott Watson | Facebook Instagram www.instagram.com/scott9999x…
What on earth has happened to radio these days? What a load of rubbish! In the old days, the music was great, the DJs were brilliant... These days, all the radio stations sound the same. Join me for a moan. Also, I'll be banging on about television and how good it used to be, and loads of other stuff.…
This time it's about food. School canteens, school milk, what we had for dinner and why it was bad to be late. Lots and lots of lollies, too...sweet! Thanks for listening! You can contact me on facebook www.childintime.life (2) Scott Watson | Facebook Instagram www.instagram.com/scott9999xעל ידי Scott
The Continuing Story of... I think I'm going to have several continuing stories. Payton Place, the dentist, the leaky roof. Join me for a good old moan!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
A rather shorter episode this time due to my ongoing mouth pain. However, all is not lost. In this episode, I tell you a story about high voltage pylons and ghosts! I hope to be back on form for next Wednesday's Midweek Message.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
There were some wonderful, inspiring teachers back in the 1960s, as there are now. Some teachers used corporal punishment as part of their practice. This episode is not meant to suggest or imply that all teachers slapped and caned children back then. Many, many teachers had positive impacts on us that truly enhanced our future lives. This episode i…
Another sunny day after torrential rain, thunder, lightning, wind... Make hay while the sun shines, as they used to say. I hope you're keeping well.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
White Lines All Over The Roads! Too many road signs, too many white lines all over the roads... Driving these days is a nightmare! In this episode, I moan about the traffic, the roads, the drivers... and lots of other stuff!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Supermarket car parks are a nightmare! White lines all over the place... where I am supposed to park? After yesterday's disastrous trip, I'm not going there again!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
For Episode 2, we all go into the family room to watch some classic 60s TV. When did TV start in Australia? How many channels were there, and what show was (almost) more popular than The Beatles? Why did you need pliers to watch TV sometimes? Listen as Scott talks about TV- It's TV Jim, but not as we know it! Links To Flintstones ad, The Samurai, P…
In a speech of extraordinary gravity, President Kennedy tells the American people that the Soviet Union, contrary to promises, has been building offensive missile and bomber bases in Cuba. Newscaster: Joe Rubenstein. Please subscribe to this podcast, and thanks for your support!על ידי Joe Rubenstein
Despite the sexual revolution and free love in the 1960s, pregnancy out of wedlock was frowned upon. An unmarried teenage girl becoming pregnant... Stone the crows, there was real stigma! Join me for a look back at the 50s and 60s, pregnancy, traffic jams and loads of other stuff.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
In this premier episode, we talk about the magic of Cracker Night! Why did we have cracker Night? What were the fireworks we were free to buy? What naughty things did we get up to in the weeks leading up to the big night? Come and hear about it all; just make sure you are home before dinner or before the street lights come on... Thanks for listenin…
Hi, it's Wednesday again! Solicitors, the stigma surrounding pregnant girls in the 1960s... This Sunday's episode will be interesting. Please, join me!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
In this episode, I chat about a store detective I once knew. Also, how a friend was followed by a private detective. And much more, of course...על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Hi, welcome to yet another Midweek Message. Who remembers the winter of discontent? That was a dreadful time. Are we heading for another winter of discontent? Also, I once know a store detective... I'll tell you about her next Sunday.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Should you try to change someone to suit your needs? In this episode, I'll tell you about a friend who changed completely to please his girlfriend. Also, a quick story about a brother, a sister, a girl and me. We were all booked the go on holiday in the New Forest but...על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Hello and welcome to another Midweek Message. A trip to Bournemouth, two trips to the dentist... it's been a busy week! Time to relax and think about next Sunday's episode.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Camping... No Thanks! Podcast I had intended to go camping in the west country with a girlfriend but, when we arrived, it was raining. It was a blessing in disguise! Join me for a look back at a holiday in Hope Cove, Devon. And a load of other stuff, of course!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Hundreds riot after James Meredith is admitted to Ole Miss; Robert F. Kennedy swears in a new Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Dr. Martin Luther King is assaulted; the Dodgers are in trouble; Cassius Clay has a lot to say. Newscaster: Joe Rubenstein. Please subscribe to this podcast, and thanks for your support!…
Hello, I hope you're well. I had my tooth ripped out on Monday... and half my jaw with it! We won't talk about that. Thanks for all your ideas for future episodes. I hope you find this Sunday's episode interesting.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
I'm going to tell you a story. Just a quick story about a girl I met. She was a beautiful girl and she owned a beautiful boat. We sailed down to Emsworth and had a pub lunch. We sailed over to... I don't want to spoil the story so I'll say no more. Join me for the story, and other bits and pieces.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Hi, how are you on this lovely September day? I need an idea for next Sunday's podcast episode. Can you come up with something? Do let me know. raysrants@protonmail.com No doubt Janet will be the first to think of something!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Do you remember.... How many times have you heard that over the years? Do you remember the old Morris Minor cars? Do you remember vending machines where you could buy chocolate bars? In this episode, I look back at things we might, or might not, remember.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Hi, I hope you're keeping well. Next Sunday's episode is called Do You Remember? I'm going to look back and ask... do you remember cigarette cards? Tiddlywinks? Jacks? What do you remember from the old days? Let me know!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
President Kennedy speaks out on Cuba; two Negro churches are burned in Georgia; convicted spy Robert Soblen commits suicide; Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" is criticized; Lenny Bruce is banned in Sydney; Jimmy Piersall is arrested in Baltimore. Newscaster: Joe Rubenstein. Please subscribe to this podcast, and thanks for your support!…
I love the old black and white films from the 1930s, 40s and 50s. What I enjoy is looking at the cars, the people, the streets and buildings all captured on film. Watching old movies is a great way to get an idea of what Britain was like back in the old days.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Do you want to take a look at the way Britain was back in the 50s and 60s? In this Midweek Message, I'll tell you how. Join me!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
My first time? No, it's not what you think. My first job, my first house, my first car... Thinking back to things we first did the 1960s or 70s. First time aboard on holiday, first time married... It's great fun to look back at the things we did. Sometimes,. it's not so great! Join me for, hopefully, another fun podcast episode.…
Hi, welcome to another Midweek Message. Next Sunday's podcast is called My First Time. The first time you moved into a house. The first time you went abroad. Your first car. Your first job. Email me and tell me about Your First Time... whatever it is. raysrants@protonmail.comעל ידי Ray’s Rants UK
President Kennedy speaks out on Cuba; a Federal challenge to Mississippi voting laws; Edward Kennedy takes a beating; NYPD volunteers dress up; Justice Felix Frankfurter steps down; Dodger fans hold their breath. Newscaster: Joe Rubenstein. Please subscribe to this podcast, and thanks for your support!…
Did you keep a diary when you were young? This Sunday, I'll be reading some of your diary entries from days of old. Some sad, some funny... Join me for some interesting revelations!על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Hi, I hope you're well. Did you keep a diary when you were young? If so, send me some of the entries. Whether funny or sad, I'd love to hear some snippets from your diary. This coming Sunday, I'll be reading some of the entries so please help me out.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
President Kennedy speaks out on the space race; a verdict on the death of Marilyn Monroe; a Phoenix TV host has an abortion; a Soviet buildup in Cuba; rioting in West Berlin; Vice President Johnson leaves on a foreign tour. Newscaster: Joe Rubenstein. Please subscribe to this podcast, and thanks for your support!…
Podcast - The Benefit of Hindsight. We can all look back and wish that we hadn't done this or that. We all make mistakes, but how have out past mistakes affected our lives today?על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Rain, thunder and lightning... and the roof leaks! I have a bowl on my desk to catch the water. The heat wave has gone, for a while. But I'm pretty sure it will return.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
Who remembers the summer of 1976? Hot for ten weeks, a drought, hosepipe bans... And now we have the summer of 2022. Join me for a chat about the heat, political correctness, and lots of other stuff.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
It's getting hot again this week! Possibly reaching 36c by the weekend which is 97F. Wow, this is a proper summer! Join me for a quick chat about people who tell lies, the heat wave and more...על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
In Washington, President Kennedy honors a hero doctor; in Georgia, the Justice Department backs Negro demonstrators; in Sweden, a Phoenix T.V. host seeks an abortion; President Kennedy is serenaded; Elizabeth Duncan is executed; Marilyn Monroe is laid to rest. Newscaster: Joe Rubenstein. Please subscribe to this podcast, and thanks for your support…
We've all met a compulsive liar at some time or other. Why do they do it? Why do people have to lie? In this episode, I look back at some of the lies I've heard over the years.על ידי Ray’s Rants UK
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