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This is the handwritten book that Carroll wrote for private use before being urged to develop it later into Alice in Wonderland. It was generously illustrated by Carrol and meant to entertain his family and friends. When a sick child in a hospital enjoyed it so much, the mother wrote him saying it had distracted her for a bit from her pain and led eventually to Carroll expanding the story. The Reverend Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and the Reverend Robinson Duckworth rowed in a boat, on 4 July 18 ...
Not far from here at the end of a dusty road is an old farm. Beyond that farm is a pasture and on the far side of the pasture is a fence and that fence is the boundary between the world of humans and the world of the forest. And this forest my friends is where the adventures of Ravi Raccoon and the Animal Underground. We sincerely hope that you and your children enjoy the Animal Underground stories and that God uses them to help deep Truths sink into your family.
"I congratulate you that, after much patient research, careful preparation, and untiring labor, you have completed your voluminous work on "THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD." I am sure your work will be found to be one of absorbing interest, worthy of the widest patronage, and historically valuable as pertaining to the tremendous struggle for the abolition of chattel slavery in our land. No phase of that struggle was so crowded with thrilling incidents, heroic adventures, and self-sacrificing effort ...
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How often do you get snowed on in July, make friends with a human, and get shot at all on one camping trip? Well if you happen to be in the company of certain squirrel cousins at least once in your life! This three-part Animal Underground adventure was first played at Summer Camp 2016.על ידי Animal Underground
Rumors are swirling. Lies are spreading. And suspicions are rising. It looks like the days of protecting the South Forest is over and the team will have to work from the shadows. Rest assured though - the Animal Underground will fight just as hard - rumors or not!על ידי Animal Underground
Boredom plus a hyperactive squirrel or two is never a good combination, but it is certainly a recipe for adventures! Occasionally while resting from protecting the forest, the friends in the Animal Underground find THEMSELVES in trouble... or making it for others!על ידי Animal Underground
The gang is back together but things are not good. Bears, wolves, foxes and every kind of unsavory characters are scheming against... well everyone! Things are a mess and the stress is even getting to Ravi! This is the epic last chapter in a series of 4 episodes (11-14).על ידי Animal Underground
Ravi has gone missing in a blizzard right as trouble is brewing in the north. The timing couldn't be worse and it has become necessary to bother the bears... BEFORE their hibernation is over! Things are looking pretty bad... Part 2 of a 4 part story.על ידי Animal Underground
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