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Taking Alex

Taking Alex

Kristen Pflum

Alex Johnson had it all. He was brilliant, an avid outdoorsman, a talented chef, artist and botanist with friends all over the world. In 2013, days shy of his 33rd birthday, Johnson vanished after wrapping up a phone call with his girlfriend. For more than a month, the Johnson family did everything to try and find him. They held vigils, organized searches, brought in specialized K-9's and put up billboards. But Alex was dead. Beaten in the back of a Mercedes Benz, his body put in a barrel an ...
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Alex Merced discusses a round up of newer technologies that provide empowerment through decentralization. Support the show (על ידי Alex Merced
This is me reflecting on a Facebook post by Stephan Kinsella questioning whether entrepreneurial skill exists (the skill that some people are better predictors). Support the show (על ידי Alex Merced
Alex Merced talks about opportunities in Decentralized Technology Coding ->, Politics and Opinion -> Support the show (על ידי Alex Merced
Dashed dreams, broken hearts, life-altering medical diagnoses and the end of the Johnson family name all followed Alex's death in 2013. Time, has not made life easier for the family and friends he left behind. In the final episode of "Taking Alex" his family offers a heartbreaking look at how their lives have changed since Alex was murdered- while …
When Mark Taylor was sentenced for the kidnapping and murder of Alex Johnson in the summer of 2016, the Johnson family thought they wouldn't hear from their son's murderer until a parole hearing decades later. Boy, were they wrong. Taylor has pulled every legal string he can think of to appeal his conviction. And using some "surprise" affidavits, h…
This was it. Two and a half years after Alex Johnson's body was pulled from the bottom of the Kentucky River, Mark Taylor faced a jury at his murder trial. For seven agonizing days, the panel of jurors and a packed courtroom, listened to all the twisted details of the case. They even saw the muddy barrel that served as Alex's makeshift coffin, roll…
About a month into their investigation, Lexington Police knew where Alex was and had identified the two men suspected in his death. One went easily to jail... the other led detectives on a cat and mouse chase through at least four states before his arrest just feet from the U.S. border with Mexico.
Days of searching for Alex Johnson turned to weeks, with no luck. There was no sign of him despite all the news stories, social media posts, billboards and specialized K-9's brought in to try and track his scent. Then the Johnson family got a phone call. The detective on the other end told them Alex was no longer with us. And they had a good idea w…
How movements are sparked out a feeling of being unheard, ignored and powerless How the political industry is quick to try to divert any movements effort and resources away from progress and towards their own ends Understanding of the root sentiment behind Black Lives Matter, Black Trans Lives Matter, The Tea Party and the Trump Movement all moveme…
In 2013, a missing persons case gripped Kentucky for weeks. Alex Johnson vanished right after hanging up from a phone call with his girlfriend. Come along as I take you through this twisted murder tale that stretches from Lexington, KY to the bottom of a cold river to the border with Mexico. And it's not over yet.…
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