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Welcome to The Cut-Thru: All Things Strategy and Brand Building' where I discuss all things Strategy and Brand Building. I share my Thoughts and opinions on advertising related topics with strategy at the centre of it all. This is for anyone and everyone in the industry of building and growing brands: professionals, lectures and students.
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"The best form of defense is attack"Strategy is about proactiveness and being ahead. Being ahead requires one to apply the principles that are not governed by fear. One can never be both fearful and strategic. It's impossible to be afraid and progressive at the same time. If your strategy is based on fear, it is not Strategy, I don't know what it i…
Strategy is many things; but one thing that all strategies need to have, is the golden thread of inspiration across every moment of engagements. If your strategy does not inspire, it's probably doing the opposite. Are you inspired by your own Strategy?
You never really have it figured out. Always go back to your strategy to refine the bigger thinking. If your strategy informs your executions and goals, and you are always refining your executions and goals, then it makes sense to habitually refine your big thinking (strategy). Regardless of your business or the industry you are operating in.…
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