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Arabesque: Music of the Arab World

Arabesque: Music of the Arab World

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In this series, Georges Collinet, host of NPR’s Afropop Worldwide, explores the rich history and culture of the music of the Arab World. Arabic musicians and scholars demonstrate the sounds of string, wind and percussion instruments that directly influenced the development of musical instruments common to the modern Western world. The importance of universal musical concepts, such as improvisation, ornamentation and audience participation are discussed in the context of the Arab World, as ar ...
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To western ears and eyes, musical instruments and of the Arab World may seem exotic. Host Georges Collinet (NPR’s Afropop Worldwide) is joined by scholars and musicians to explore the sounds and history of Arab musical instruments, such as the qanun, the oud, the rebab and the nay. The rhythms and musical tonality that help define the rich sound of…
Much of what defines the music of the Arab World is the experience, not only for the musician, but also for the listener. In the Arab World, the audience is an active participant, responding to the ornamental and improvisatory offerings of the players, giving vocal feedback while in a state of “musical ecstacy.” Joined by Arabic music scholars and …
The Arab World spans the width of North African Maghreb, across the Arabian Peninsula and into the Levant. Centuries of indigenous and nomadic traditions have created a musical cultural tapestry of unique regional styles bound by common themes and ideas. In the 21st Century, Arabic folk music traditions have been confronted with increased globaliza…
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