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An exploration of the strange, dark, and obscure tales of Texas history, horror, true crime, and the curious intersections between. Tex Arcana combines in-depth research with atmospheric storytelling to shed light on the forgotten, overlooked and misunderstood; to unearth the truth beneath the lore, legends and lies; and trace the strange and surprising connections that bind them all together.
Presentations of Poems, Stories, and Arcana – Exploring weird fiction, war, lore, fantasy, horror, literary theory, history, philosophy, mythology, science fiction, esoterica, and exotica in search of Truth, Meaning, Meaninglessness, Beauty, and the Unexplainable. Featuring Bierce, Burns, Lovecraft, Dunsany, Millay, Shakespeare, Whitman, Owen, Andreyev, Wikipedia, The SCP Foundation, contemporary writers, original pieces, and more. Divine the darkness.
The best dungeons and dragons podcasts are a click away, with top D&D podcast listings for 2020, including our own: The UnEARthed Arcana podcast, Speaking Common - our D&D weekly news podcast - and our Actual Play podcast, Charisma Check. Be sure to subscribe on your favourite podcast app and leave us a 5-star review so we can help more adventurers join our awesome community! Check out our most recent episodes or click through to visit the dedicated page for each D&D podcast! Follow me on Tw ...
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Hoy hablaremos de la pornocracia, término acuñado por el cardenal Cesare Baronio, para referirse al gobierno a través de los favores sexuales. Hablaremos de Atenas y Constantinopla y de algunos de sus escándalos sexuales. Support the show (על ידי Carlos Amunátegui
New Moon in Aquarius 2021 edition In this episode of Nina’s Arcana-Scope, we analyze the energies that Aquarius brings to the new moon that opens the new lunar year. The New Moon in Aquarius tarot spread used for this episode was created by Sam Roberts of escapingstars. The deck used is the Tarot of Vampyres, created by Ian Daniels.Thank you very m…
It is impossible to tell a story without tropes. In this episode, we dive into what tropes are, how to use them in your games, ensuring tonal consistency, and how to enhance some overused tropes. In the Question Vault, we answer a question about resisting the urge to metagame. Follow us: Twitter: @voxarcanapod Facebook: @voxarcanapodcast Instagram:…
Adversaries are essential in all roleplaying games. Here’s how to make those enemies strike fear into the hearts of all PCs! Follow us: Twitter: @voxarcanapod Facebook: @voxarcanapodcast Instagram: @voxarcanapodcast Email: For more episodes:על ידי Jake Barton
Armistice Day: “At 10 that night without food, we lay down in a pouring rain to sleep. Troops of all kinds passed us in the night – a shadowy stream, over a half-million men.” The first day of the Battle … Continue reading →על ידי The Voice before the Void: Presenter of Poems, Stories, and Arcana
“We’ve always known that if you put the Bill of Rights up for a popular vote, it would probably lose.” -David Boaz, as quoted in The Washington Post, “Public Is Unyielding In War Against Terror,” 2001 September 29 What is … Continue reading →על ידי The Voice before the Void: Presenter of Poems, Stories, and Arcana
Arianna speaks with Laura Edelson, a PhD Candidate in Computer Science at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, who is a team member on The Online Political Transparency Project researching political bias of Facebook ads. Laura Edelson previously worked in software engineering at Palantir. Topics will examine ad strategies, international aspects, and…
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