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Adventures in Azeroth is a monthly World of Warcraft community podcast discussing the latest news in WoW. Leeta and Stone also share their own recent adventures in Azeroth! Episodes are typically recorded live at You can contact us by email: or twitter: @AdvAzeroth., c'est LE podcast français consacré au jeu World of Warcraft.Chaque mois, nous vous offrons une heure de détente, d'infos et de conseils sur ce jeu légendaire. Que vous soyez dans le métro, au bureau, ou même en cours à faire semblant de bosser, est là pour vous transporter ailleurs !Nous passons les news en revue, en cherchant toujours à comprendre ce qui se cache derrière, et le pourquoi du comment des infos qui nous arrivent. Nous tentons aussi de donner un avis (écl ...
Azeroth Public Radio is a celebration of the World of Warcraft and all of its community. Join Koltrane and Shoeboots on an adventure through our favorite game in the form of story, news, comedy and more! This is a place to relax, kick back, and get immersed! Live from the Pig & Whistle Tavern in Stormwind! It’s Azeroth Public Radio!
A World of Warcraft lore radio show and podcast produced by Will Harrison, covering a single character or place in the 15+ years of World of Warcraft. Think of it as 'Lofi Chillhop Beats To Kill 20 Pigs To'. Updates will be bi-weekly (HAHAHAHAHA). Visit us on Twitter at Support this podcast:
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We had a plan for this episode and then we went on so many tangents that we ended up throwing out half the show notes. This episode covers some new elements added into the latest build of 9.1.5 on the PTR and a lot of conversations that spring from that.על ידי Manny Thomas and Jared Arnold.
Jared and Manny return to give an update on the situation at Activision Blizzard and the future of the show. They then dive into the ups and downs of the Shards of Domination, the recent bugged Time Walking exp, and disturbance in Revendreth. All this in this week's episode of For Azeroth!על ידי Manny Thomas and Jared Arnold.
Jared and Manny discuss the evolving situation in the Chains of Domination. Manny then complains his pockets are too full; and, yet Jared can't get enough Stygia! All this and some lighthearted listener questions on this week's "For Azeroth!"על ידי Manny Thomas and Jared Arnold.
Jared and Manny take the time to gauge what you are feeling as the content drought finally comes to an end. The official patch notes are out and a plethora of hotfixes have arrived with it. All this on the latest episode of For Azeroth!על ידי Manny Thomas and Jared Arnold.
In which Will returns with the mia-est of culpas, gives an update on EoA, and even provides some... Gasp! Lore? On this podcast? No way. Daddy made you some content. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: --- Send in a voice message: this p…
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