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On this week's episode, Kyle weighs in the recent news regarding Topps and Fanatics. Then, he chats with Randy AKA @refsintheback about shadow cards, Twitter, and more! This week's "Collector Classifieds" features Nathan AKA @AZtradingCards from Twitter.על ידי waxmuseum
On this week's episode, Kyle offers up six ideas for Fanatics-branded memorabilia cards. Be factual, be specific, and be transparent. Use technological trends to your advantage. Stop treating memorabilia pieces as means to an end. Start building your game-worn archive…ASAP. Meaningful events allow for meaningful, event-worn materials. It’s time to …
On this week's episode, Kyle updates listeners on what we know about the remaining 2020-21 releases.* Then, he shares a chaotic experience he had in the card aisle from the past week. *The Flux release date (12/15/21) was announced a day after this episode was recorded.על ידי waxmuseum
On this week's episode, Kyle updates listeners on a pending class action suit that was discussed in Episode 6. Then, he talks about some of his recent mail, which includes a 1/1 tag, an Exquisite Noble Nameplates, an obscure Kobe relic, and more!על ידי waxmuseum
The Basketball Card Podcast returns after a two month hiatus. Sorry!! BCF magazine has taken over my life!Waxing philosophically today about one of my favorite four word sayings, "Reasonable people can disagree". Also, You don't have to follow the masses and you can be your own man/woman. Thanks for downloading and hope you enjoy.…
In this week's episode, Kyle covers a pair of hobby headlines, recaps his last week of mail, and presents his top 5 card show digs of all time. EDIT: My Rik Smits mailday was marked as OUT FOR DELIVERY when I recorded. A Pau Gasol patch showed up instead. PAIN.על ידי waxmuseum
In this week's episode, Kyle starts the show off with a recap of a recent card show he set up at. Then, he tells the story of an altered Donovan Mitchell NT RPA (06/99). This story involves an altered patch, an alleged parking lot deal, a license plate, a second alteration, and more.על ידי waxmuseum
I asked the IG sportscard community for ten questions this morning and addressed them via this podcast. subscribe to Basketball Card Fanatic magazine by going to me with any questions on IG - @thereal27guy @basketballcardfanaticעל ידי Basketball Card Podcast
In this week's episode, Kyle addresses the passing of WMP guest and Indiana legend Bobby "Slick" Leonard. In the second segment, he chats with former Pacer Bob Netolicky about his playing career, Slick Leonard, Topps basketball cards, and the Dropping Dimes Foundation. *The Bob Netolicky segment was recorded last week, before Slick's passing.*…
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