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"Trying to reverse the charges? Accept 'em? NO WAY!!!" No... it's not that kind of call... all about the sounds we hear from our avian chums that let us know they're there even when we can't see them. Plus of course, as always, "Birding News" and "Artificial Bird Of The Week"
Sorry for the bland and rather straightforward title... I wanted a pretty snappy title with great wordplay... I tried variations on 'error', 'hell and', 'herring', 'hearing', 'errand' - but nothing! ZILCH! Ah well - at least there's "Artificial Bird Of The Week" to look forward to! :)
All about cats vs birds... information on keeping the two separate (at least until both sign a treaty declaring peace). Also as always "Birding News" - Bird-related articles from the internet. AND... not forgetting the "Artificial Bird Of The Week" - this week - the House Sparrow.
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