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Josh sits down with Amy Moll L.Ac. to discuss her experience with acupuncture and her study of other medical fields. One being, her time spent shadowing Neurologists. They also discuss how an acupucunturist can help identify symptoms of a concussion in their paitents and how acupuncture could help improve the paitents nervous system.…
In todays episode Josh, Matt and Adam sit down and discuss how trigger points in the muscles can affect the muscles overall ability to function. They talk about how a single aggitated muscle and affect other parts of your body and discuess treatment methods on how to treat the affected areas.על ידי CMTW
In this episode, we talk with Clayton Shiu, L.Ac., who studied Xing Nao Kai QIao in China. Clayton has since expanded and streamlined everything he has learned over the years, and developed Nanopuncture, an acupuncture system that is very effective in treating a variety of neurological disorders, including stroke rehab, MS, Parkinsons, and more.…
In this epidose, we talk with Anthony Lombardi on making small talk with patients, building a rapport, and we chat with two seminar attendees who discuss applying EXSTORE/motor points/EA in the clinic right after attending the seminar. Other odds and ends are discused too.על ידי CMTW
Formerly Save My Clinic, the Power-Up My Clinic series focuses on different aspects of practice management that Chinese Medicine Practitioners face every day. Different guests are mentored to come up with ways of improving their situation or assisting them with specific issues they are having in their clinic. These podcasts are broadcast live on th…
In this episode, we cover our latest seminar and why totally revolutionizes Aesthetic Acupuncture. We will also cover some of the complaints we receive and how out of touch educational institutions are, and review some outdated contraindications and why they may need to go.על ידי CMTW
In this episode, we catch up and go over the history of CMTW, some past funny episodes, Facebook battles we had, and where everyone is now. We will also review the weirdest Facebook acupuncture post of the week, and talk Chinese Medicine. Join us and call in!על ידי CMTW
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