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It's time to wrap up the story of Lucius and the Golden Ass! Zion Lashua is joined by Nicholas Cohn to explore the chaos of this story. Indulge in geysers of boiling wine, cheating wives, and a mysterious visit from a goddess!על ידי Zion Lashua
The story of Lucius the donkey continues in today's episode! Host Zion Lashua is joined by Nicholas Cohn as the two learn about the intricate parallels between The Illiad and The Golden Ass, as well as why one should avoid boars at all costs!על ידי Zion Lashua
Zion Lashua is joined by Nicholas Cohn to explore the story of The Golden Ass, a crazy novel written around the year 100 AD which follows Lucius across his many adventures! In this episode, learn how dangerous sponges can be, to beware of weasels, and to always make sure to keep your hair safe from witches!…
While the podcast has mostly been focused on topics centering around Greece and Rome, it's also about all other ancient stories and figures! This week, its all about Gilgamesh, the king of the ancient city of Uruk in Ancient Sumeria! Join host Zion Lashua as he guides Shawn Choi through the oldest story known to man!…
Merry Christmas everyone! I thought it would be fun to take a look at one of the most classic Christmas stories of them all: the birth of Jesus Christ! Host Zion Lashua is once again joined by Shawn Choi as the two explore the horror of biblically accurate angels, the mysterious magi, and the real reason baby Jesus was wrapped in cloth!…
Back to some good ol’ history! Today host Zion Lashua is joined by special guest Nick Cohn! The pair delves into the story of the chaotic Roman emperor, Caligula! If you’re looking for over the top bridge building, epic pranks, and lots of death and debauchery, then Caligula is your man!על ידי Zion Lashua
Another tale from Greek Myth! Sure, you've heard of the Minotaur, and maybe you've heard of Icarus flying too close to the sun, but have you heard of The Throne of Forgetfulness and Theseus feeding a man to a turtle? If not, join host Zion Lashua as he guides guest Shawn Choi through the tale of Theseus and Minos!…
It's another episode of Greek Myth! This week, Zion Lashua is joined by his two brothers, Quinn and Iago Lashua for a tumultuous journey through the history of the Ancient Greek city-state of Thebes! From its bovine birth to its tragic end, the story of Thebes is a true classic!על ידי Zion Lashua
The story of Heracles was too massive and insane to fit in a single episode, so here is the second and final part of his life. In this episode host Zion Lashua guides guest Shawn Choi through Heracles stealing a belt and getting himself a new pet!על ידי Zion Lashua
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