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I’m always getting into deep conversations with myself and I thought why not record those thoughts like an audible journal. I would describe "In Too Deep" as having a proverbial bowl of piping hot chicken soup, burning your tongue on the first sip, and lacking the self-control to wait patiently for it to cool before taking another...
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You can do whatever you want; you can be whoever you want; you can have whatever you like...This episode let's journey deep into our past and understand how our present can truly defines our future!Follow me @:Facebook - -על ידי David Quake
Power of visualisation; where we can find our genuine smiles; action for happinessThis episode, I dive deep into some #facts of life! Let's find out how #relevant and #relatable they reaaally are.Follow me @:Facebook - -על ידי David Quake
Baggage; relationship problems; the desperate search for stability and consistency...This episode, let's dive deep into "loving yourself" and how it is the first step in loving others.Follow me @:Facebook - -על ידי David Quake
This episode, I dive into the world of hook-ups and intimacy. Let's talk about sex and its slippery slopes. It's going to be raw so clean out your ear-holes and lay on your back... I'm going in deep.Follow me @:Facebook - - Photo creds:…
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