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Colleen and Tyler discuss part one of a memorable case that involves Kogoro getting arrested and has plenty of great Eri moments. Plus, we talk too much about Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."על ידי Tyler Treese
Colleen and Tyler discuss a fun anime original that sees Ran take the lead role in the investigation. Plus, some recommendations for the new Crunchyroll episodes that were added.על ידי Colleen, Tyler Treese
Colleen and Tyler return to talk about a memorable anime original episode featuring pianists, flowers, stalkers, and a fake suit of armor that is actually a real suit of armor. Plus, plenty of Takagi talk.על ידי Colleen, Tyler Treese
Colleen and Tyler return with new content (finally) as we cover the first part of Reunion with the Black Organization. The main plot is finally moving, which makes for an exciting episode.על ידי Colleen, Tyler Treese
Colleen and Tyler begin covering a two-hour special that is so big that we had to split it into two podcasts! In this part, we meet a bunch of thieves, murders occur, and Heiji gets thrown off a boat!על ידי Colleen, Tyler Treese
No new episode this week, but enjoy this episode from the Patreon Vault. Colleen and Tyler kick off the "Magic Kaitocast" by taking a look at the April 2010 special showing the origins of Kaitou Kid! It's a fun special with plenty of great lore.על ידי Tyler Treese, Colleen
Take a look at our discussions on the second part of Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories. We cover Detective George's Mini-Mini Big Strategy, The Ten Planets in the Night Sky, and Play It Again.על ידי Colleen, Tyler Treese
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