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We are back after a two year hiatus and it couldn't have come at a more important time. The 2022 midterms are over and I'll tell you why it was a much bigger win than the media has led you to believe. Plus, Conservative activist Dan Carr joins me to discuss Trump or DeSantis in 2024. Big show. So glad to be back!…
This episode features Wayne Allyn Root, a syndicated talk show host and author of 14 books, including his latest, "Trump Rules: The Ultimate Guide to Being a Winner." We discuss the latest draconian Covid shenanigans, Trump's legal fight to retake the White House, and a lot more. This is one episode you don't want to miss.…
In this episode, I'll show you how past reporting from the New York Times, CNN, and ABC News is contradictory to the way they are handling the Donald Trump election results. Plus, Gerard Gibert joins me to discuss election technology and more.על ידי E. Brian Rose
Shocking details were exposed this weekend showing how a Biden administration would quickly usher in socialism. Plus the fight for re-election continues for Donald Trump, Covid passports on the horizon, and a look at Biden's cancer charity that didn't dish out a penny.על ידי E. Brian Rose
I'll expose a munity within the Trump administration that forced him to make some bold moves this week. The Biden crew is promising up to six weeks of lockdowns. Plus, I'll answer the question of when was America great. All on today's EBR Show.על ידי E. Brian Rose
Joe Biden and the left are all telling us we must "unite," but what they really mean is we must surrender to their leftist agenda. Today's episode shows you exactly how they are doing it and the tactics they are using to attempt make us question our own sanity.על ידי E. Brian Rose
The fraud in this election started the day Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017... and that fraud was perpetrated by the American media. I'll show you how they did it and how they used their power to get Joe Biden into the White House on today's EBR Show.על ידי E. Brian Rose
While nobody's looking, California is trying to repeal their anti-discrimination laws. Plus, we have Howie Morgan with us to discuss what to expect in tomorrow's big election. All that and more on Today's EBR Show.על ידי E. Brian Rose
I'll show you proof the Facebook Fact Checkers are flat out lying when they flag information. Plus, there's an amazing scheme the Democrats pulled off right before our very eyes that nobody is talking about. That and much more on today's EBR Show.על ידי E. Brian Rose
Social Media platforms are deciding which news is suitable for our eyes, specifically when it comes to the Hunter and Joe Biden scandal. Is it time for the federal government to step in? Donald Trump endorsed Lacy Johnson is here to discuss that and his quest to unseat Representative Ilhan Omar.על ידי E. Brian Rose
What America would look like under a President Joe Biden, the cloning of Donald Trump, and everything you need to know about the new whistleblower in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal... on today's EBR Show.על ידי E. Brian Rose
I'll show you how the Russia narrative backfired before our very eyes and reveal new information about the Hunter Biden laptop. Plus, the despicable behavior of one state's Attorney General that should send her straight to prison.על ידי E. Brian Rose
This episode reveals a coordinated effort between the left and the media to suppress information that is harmful to the Joe Biden campaign. We break it down so even your most liberal friends can't help but have that red pill moment.על ידי E. Brian Rose
Keli Chevalier, Congressional Candidate for Texas 22, joins E. Brian Rose to discuss the battle for Texas, black support for President Trump, and why African Americans should Walk Away from the Democrat Party.על ידי E. Brian Rose
Sen. Chris McDaniel joins E. Brian Rose to discuss the latest on impeachment and how Congress is not looking out for the American people. Sen. McDaniel was once endorsed by President Trump. We talk about the strength of Trump endorsement and whether or not they always hit the mark. Plus, AOC, Nancy Pelosi, and more fun stuff on Episode 7.…
All politics starts and ends at the local level. Today's show is an intimate discussion with Shea Dobson, a young Republican mayor who has lots to say about Trump, Democrats, and our education system.על ידי E. Brian Rose
Senator Elbert Lee Guillory joins E. Brian Rose to discuss Adam Schiff's secret House impeachment inquiries, withdrawal from Syria, Democrat presidential candidates, and what it's like to be a black Conservative.על ידי E. Brian Rose
It's hard to follow when they're telling you up is down and down is up, but we've made it easy for you. Today;s episode unravels the web of lies and breaks down the seemingly made for TV drama that is unfolding before our very eyes. It's a bizarre story with twists and turns. Pull up a chair as we share this tale with you.…
The biggest story of the year is happening right now, but you won't hear a peep about it on the mainstream media. This story negatively affects each and every one of us. Also, you won't believe what they're trying to use to impeach the President this time. That and more on today's EBR Show with E. Brian Rose.…
E Brian Rose breaks down the big lie told by Chelsea Handler in her new Netflix documentary, "Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea." Plus, how Saturday Night Live was brought to its knees by the cancel culture bullies. And how it all relates to Donald Trump. #ChelseaHandler #DonaldTrump #SNL #CancelCulture…
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