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Sam and Tia return from yet another hiatus to bring you joy with nonsensical ramblings, thoughts on the Game of Thrones finale, and another instalment of Bad Lyrics.What are your thoughts on La Croix?extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Sam and Tia do a deep dive into the palpable chemistry between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, share their unconventional Oscar predictions, and discuss medical examiner Judy Melinek's book and the movie Velvet Buzzsaw.Tell us your biggest fears.extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Cake Maker Sarah is back to tell yet another haunting tale from her past! Plus, Sam and Tia tell what is possibly a ghost story, and Logan makes a surprise entrance to talk about his encounter with a pro wrestler.Send us your stories!extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Cake Maker Sarah has returned! She joins Sam and Tia to talk about the Fyre Festival documentary and to tell a chilling tale from middle school. Sam confesses her love for Alex Trebek, and Tia reads a piece of hate mail that hits very close to home. Plus, don't miss another instalment of their bad lyrics segment!Please, please give us compliments:e…
Happy (belated) New Year from the ladies of Extremely Pale and Incredibly Loud! Tune in to this episode to hear Sam and Tia's resolutions and reviews of popular TV shows and movies, including You and Bandersnatch. Plus, don't miss an impassioned chat about Riverdale. Tell us your thoughts about cult-like jewelry:extremelypalepod@gmail.com…
This week, Sam and Tia finally bring you tales of their trip to Seattle! Tune in to hear about a near-death experience, spooky tunnels, and pizza from strangers. Send us your stories! We love to hear about anything from airport security encounters to winding up in maze-like basements.extremelypalepod@gmail.com…
This week, Sam and Tia are joined by surprise guest Kristina! Sam reads celebrity conspiracy theories, then Tia and Kristina see if they can guess who the theories are about. It's a wild ride from start to finish.What's your fave conspiracy theory?extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
In part two of our Valentine's Special, the ladies rant about oversharers, discuss anthropomorphic sex toys, and Chelsea shares stories of online dating.Tell us your dating horror stories!extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
In this special Valentine's two-parter, Chelsea joins the ladies to talk about nipple tattoos, bestiality, and Tia and Sam's tumultuous texting relationship. Tell us about your Valentine's Day!extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
This week, Tia and Sam catch up on fan mail (which gets Sam pretty riled up) and review some less-than-savoury clothing items.Plus, listen to the ladies' brand new theme song!Watch the nasty toad video here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgROaJY6XnkHave you ever been chased by a chicken?extremelypalepod@gmail.com…
To mark fifty episodes of Extremely Pale and Incredibly Loud comes this special episode from the archives! Tia reads some spectacularly bad song lyrics to Sam, who guesses the artist responsible for their existence. Have any bad lyric recommendations? Tell us immediately!extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Saddle up people, it's another episode of Extremely Pale and Incredibly Loud! This week, the ladies indulge in some Harry Styles appreciation and recall a few of Sam's dance-related injuries.Do you still own a DVD player?extremelypalepod@gmail.com@xtremelypalepod@sampantha_90@tchristo_על ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
This week, Sam reads a nostalgic Yahoo user’s review of grapes and the ladies discuss scientology. You won't want to miss Sam's impression of Tom Cruise's interview laugh.Talk to us, people!extremelypalepod@gmail.com@xtremelypalepodעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Holla! This week, Tia reads strangers' sex toy reviews and Sam becomes very concerned with the wellbeing of an Amazon user.Send us a review about your performance wear:extremelypalepod@gmail.comInstagram: @xtremelypalepodTwitter: @xtremelypalepodעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Sit up straight, 'cause it's a brand new episode of Extremely Pale and Incredibly Loud! Listen to Sam question Tia's scientific education and confess she has a Goodreads account. This episode is dedicated to Kingpin Lane!Send us a scathing review:extremelypalepod@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter and Instagram:@xtremelypalepod…
Welcome to another week of bliss with Sam and Tia! The ladies bring you lots of TV talk and read some delicious fan mail.Watch the infamous Tommy Wiseau videos:https://youtu.be/dXlao2KNYjQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD-YZbeajeY&t=15sעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Huzzah! Cake Maker Sarah is back and better than ever. She tells Sam and Tia about her pubescent little brother, relives her eventful birthday celebration and, as always, breaks into song. What is your credit card number?extremelypalepod@gmail.comTwitter: @xtremelypalepodStay tuned for our new Instagram account!…
Make way for this week's special guest, Cake Maker Sarah! The three ladies take on hard hitting topics such as foot stench and vegan bakery customers. Are you gluten free?extremelypalepod@gmail.com@xtremelypalepod@extremelypalepodעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Tia and Sam pontificate on the mystical benefits of sodium lighting and their favourite televised entertainment. Includes a double email feature from Big Papa himself, Lane. Sam sneezes a-plenty.Let us know the ideal shoe size and feed us salt:extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
This week, the podcast gets fragrant as Sam and Tia discuss some of their favourite scents. The ladies also discuss Harry Styles' canorous croon, as well as have a brief existential crisis.Vote on our matching haircut:extremelypalepod@gmail.comעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
Sit back and relax, because Extremely Pale Pod is back at it again! This week, Sam tells Tia about her new obsession, Californication, and the ladies read a hefty pile of fan mail. Plus, Sam and Tia discuss the ominous 27 Club.Tell us we have supple skin:extremelypalepod@gmail.comTwitter @xtremelypalepod IG @extremelypalepod Don't forget to rate an…
In this week's episode, Sam and Tia share their favourite experimental films and talk about Tommy Wiseau even more. Compliment our hair:extremelypalepod@gmail.comFollow us on Twitter!@sampantha_90@tchristo_Get your Tommy fix:www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nqjsI6Q9kAעל ידי Tia Christoffersen & Samantha Purchase
This week on Extremely Pale Pod, Sam and Tia talk about Sam's birthday, the Best Picture fiasco, and an especially strange phenomenon: fragrance reviews.Send us a review of your favourite fragrance:extremelypalepod@gmail.comIG: @extremelypalepodTwitter: @xtremelypalepodhttp://uproxx.com/hitfix/a-complete-history-of-gillian-anderson-and-david-duchov…
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