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The Summer RPG returns once again as we join Justin and Sue for an adventure through the first half of Grandia! - Also included is an extended discussion on unusual bathroom hygiene/snacks, easy mode t-shirts, and Mike's massive Xbox fanboy.על ידי Dan Curtis, Mike Tyson, Eric Pederson
It's finally here! Final Fantasy 7 Remake is out and we've all beaten it! Join us for both a spoiler-free analysis and - if you've finished it - a full spoilery chat too! Hey, at least it isn't Zelda.על ידי Factory Sealed
The Half-Life of this twaddle of a show may have come and gone, but that isn't gonna stop us! We polish off our finest crowbar, fight off the giant testicle aliens of the original Half Life, and talk about Mike and Dan's early copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake.על ידי Mike, Eric, Tom, Dan
Unwisely once again, Dan and Mike let Eric loose talking about Mega Man Zero... at great length. There's plenty of time to splurge everywhere over the Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo at length beforehand though!על ידי Dan Curtis, Mike Tyson, Eric Pederson
Near, far, wherever you are, close the top half of your door, cozy up in your meat sweats, and gaze far across the distance into the Sonic movie you've seen every night in your Dreams before dozing off to Revenge of Shinobi, which feels like it was made to last for a lifetime.על ידי Factory Sealed
Pop an Alka Seltzer and join us for some context-sensitive fun through Conker’s Bad Fur Day; an adventure that incorporates giant operatic shit mountains, sadistic teddy bears, Liverpudlian dung beetles and a short, cat-hating grim reaper. No, we didn’t make that up.על ידי Factory Sealed
2019 started with a bang and just kept going full tilt the whole way through. This left us to mull over the truly staggering number of games we played this year and whittle them down to our top 10; resulting in some rather unique lists.על ידי Factory Sealed
Join ManBat on a quest to thwart the evil machinations of Squarecrow (and Eric has something to admit) in Batman Arkham Asylum, dump a truck load of manure on Stadia, gush all over Death Stranding, and discuss how Pokemon can be bastards in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 191: Batman Arkham: Asylum appeared first on Factory …
Climb aboard Moosecopter 1 for a scenic tour of the rising Canadian lake levels, Link’s Awakening Remastered, a weird Nintendo circle, and some genuinely dark themes in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
Which is worse: Being straddled by a nine foot tall gentlemen with an 80 syllable name on your annual pilgrimage to MoCon? Or playing Zelda II? The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 184: Zelda II: The Adventure of Link appeared first on Factory Sealed.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
Don’t be alarmed, this is just a test of our ability to play an RPG over the summer! Join us aboard our poorly constructed gummi ships to revisit Kingdom Hearts in the first of two episodes and be treated to random singing and more terrible Zelda puns than you can ask for.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
Grab your soldering iron and your light saber for a trip through the terrible teeth of Sonic the Hedgehog Movie into the loving arms of cable-free VR with the Oculus Quest, before stopping off at Star Wars the Force Unleashed. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 180: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed appeared first on Factory Sealed.…
Wal-Mart bathroom enthusiast Zack Fawley joins us to talk about video game preservation, the future of gaming, and some PlayStation 5 speculation before we sit back and listen to him rhapsodize about Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 179: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Again) appeared first on Factory Sealed.…
We get behind the cockpit (literally) of Jehuty in Zone of the Enders, die a lot in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, spot off for some Outlaw Tennis in hell and figure out whether there may, or may not, be Endors. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 178: Zone of the Enders appeared first on Factory Sealed.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
Eric and Tom meet up in Phoenix to put on some silly hats, create a few new Mega Man robot masters, and opine over the future of gaming with Google Stadia before dissecting one of the few good movie game tie-ins; The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
The lads are back from their trip to Freedomland, loaded with stories ranging from breaking toilets to bundling at Rumbles. With additional chats about the Resident Evil 2 remake, Kingdom Hearts 3, and the Genesis ‘Classic’ Ghostbusters.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
We take to the skies for some Ace Combat 4, contemplate zombies in the Resident Evil 2 Remake, and make an attractive new headpiece for our bovine cousins. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 173: Ace Combat 4 appeared first on Factory Sealed.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
A massive technical glitch fries Dan’s potato, losing nearly two hours of content in the process. So, we are packing our bags and moving to sunny South America. Why? Just Cause. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 171: Just Cause appeared first on Factory Sealed.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
It’s a shabba-tastic episode as we find out whether Devil May Cry (Or Not), introduce the FS Hoctopus, and discuss whether the PS Classic is worth the bother. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 170: Devil May Cry appeared first on Factory Sealed.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
We pop the show into Space D and rid the Ishimura of its wiggly arm monster infestation in Dead Space; stopping off for a bit of Rootin-Tootin Horsey-Shootin’ in Red Dead Redemption 2 first. The post Factory Sealed – Ep. 168: Dead Space appeared first on Factory Sealed.על ידי Factory-Sealed.com
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