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Recorded for the Virtual Dragon Con, Mark and Hal are joined by the men behind The Venture Bros, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick, to talk about New York Movies and whatever else pops into our brains.על ידי Hal Lublin, Mark Gagliardi, Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer
MaxFunDrive continues with another HUGE episode, as the great Phil LaMarr joins us to sift through the artificial flavors of the world and pick the best one! BTW, this is a great time to support this show and other MaxFun shows over at maximumfun.org/joinעל ידי Hal Lublin, Mark Gagliardi, Phil LaMarr
Happy Max Fun Drive! Colin Hanks joins us for one of our biggest decisions of all time as we choose between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and discover that we all used the same source material for our research.על ידי Hal Lublin, Mark Gagliardi, Colin Hanks
Recorded live on June 19th, this benefit for The NAACP Legal Defense Fund features some of our greatest guests of all time, including Paget Brewster, Paul F. Tompkins, Laser Malena-Webber, Janet Varney, Travis McElroy, and more!על ידי Symphony Sanders, Cecil Baldwin, Janet Varney, Paul F Tompkins, Laser Malena-Webber, Lindsey Kelk, Travis McElroy, Meg Bashwiner, Eric Edelstein, Danielle Radford, Paget Brewster
When choosing between two of the biggest movie monsters of all time, you have to bring in one of the two people to face them both and survive. Thankfully Jason Ritter joins us to make this difficult choice and settle it once and for all.על ידי Hal Lublin, Jason Ritter, Mark Gagliardi
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