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We have an interview Lisa Brownless and Lisa Johnson featuring Seb and Pierre of Simple Plan. We have Waterparks answering your questions and what I'm trying to say is... We have your new favorite episode of idobi Warped Radio!על ידי idobi Network
“The song is about the temporary relationships we make while growing older, and learning not to regret something just because it only made sense for a small amount of time.​” – Matt Hasenmuellerm We’re not sure why The Millenium is hiding their faces on their promos and upcoming album cover—because their music is clear and present goodness. They ca…
It’s week three of idobi Warped Radio‘s podcast featuring Vans Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman and a Warped Roots with Buddy Schaub, trombone player for ska legends, Less Than Jake. This episode kicks off as Fish of Gone Fishkin sits down with Lyman in a hot Houston parking lot. They get into a full discussion about Warped Tour’s past, present and …
idobi Warped Radio podcast episode two features Four Year Strong as they takeover to lead us though a Warped Roots journey and an interview with Ghost Town. First up, Dan O’Connor and Alan Day of Four Year Strong host a Warped Roots segment and get into everything from their Christmas themed merchandise (sold in the summer), to making breakfast and…
UK band ROAM grabbed the microphones to takeover the first half of this premiere idobi Warped Radio podcast. Alex Adam and Alex Costello shared some of their craziest stories from the road, including a rowdy night out in Japan with their buddies from With Confidence. Next up, Fish had a chat with Maxx Danziger and Cody Carson of Set It Off. They ta…
Darrin talks with his longtime friend Cabral “Cabbie” Richards, who does “unique’ interviews with athletes for TSN Sports (Canada). Also…music from punk legend Steve Soto. AND….Darrin and TS (mostly Darrin) get really, REALLY drunk on Fireball (and whiskey/gingers). HILARIOUS!!!!על ידי idobi Network
Darrin chat’s with his old friend Scott Russo, singer for Unwritten Law. Also, brand new music from the bands new CD “Acoustic” as well. THEN…..we go to the San Diego area to skate with TONY f’n HAWK….(stories next week)….And of course…drinks, lots of drinks!!!…
Darrin talks with old friend Chino Moreno from legendary band The Deftones!!! Also, new music from their new CD “Gore” as well. Also…drinking (AGAIN), silliness (AGAIN), and great weed news (especially if you’re in CA).על ידי idobi Network
Darrin and TS are at it again…drinks, silliness and life. Darrin chats with the guitarist from legendary S.F. punk band The Dead Kennedy’s…talking about the bands legacy, sound and of course Jello Biafra. Music from DK as well.על ידי idobi Network Darrin Talks to her good friend Beebs from the Florida ska band Beebs & The Money Makers….talkin ska, punk, music, life!! Music from Beebs & her Money Makers as well…Silliness, booze, SKA!!!על ידי idobi Network
Darrin talks with punk rocker (Ten Foot Pole and Pulley singer) and newly acquired bullpen coach for the Los Angeles Angles…Mr. Scott Radinsky. Also, music from the Toronto duo The Standstills. Tom foolery ALL AROUND!!!על ידי idobi Network
Darrin & TS ARE BACK!!! Darrin chats with Rogers Sportsnet MLB Baseball analyst Gregg Zaun…talking upcoming MLB season and of course Toronto Blue Jays. Also…music from The Paradigm (Shift).על ידי idobi Network
Darrin is sick this week…slight cough, but me MANS UP and does the show anyway!! haha. Roy Hay from the iconic 80’s band The Culture Club will be on the show…talking reunion, touring, new CC music. Also…new music form Epitaph band Desaparecidos.על ידי idobi Network
Darrin talked to his old Goldfinger touring friend Paul Shull…now host of the Smithsonian Channel’s hit TV show The Weapon Hunter. Also, music from TO punk rock band PUP. Also…Darrin talks with his resident LA hooker friend CINNAMON!!!על ידי idobi Network
Darrin talks to old friend Brett Rasmussen from OC Hardcore legends Ignite…music from from Victory Records band Shattered Sun and of course Darrin & TS are DRINKING!!! Weed news, Music news….silliness!!!על ידי idobi Network Darrin and TS head to Johnny’s Bar (5006 York St Highland Park in LA) and record with the locals. Darrin talks to the drummer of Barenaked Ladies Tyler Stewart. Also, music from Goldfinger (Fuck LA).על ידי idobi Network
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