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We often overlook Islamic history as a learning tool. The history of Islam is not only important for Muslims, but important for everyone. Islam and the people who call themselves Muslims have made an enormous impact on our world. The Islamic History Podcast is about discovering that history in a fun and interesting way.
The Islamic Finance Guru Podcasts are a series of podcasts aimed at bringing money matters to the forefront of the Muslim community. We've got something for everyone, from our popular Millionaire Muslim podcast where we discuss halal investments, personal finance and entrepreneurship! We also give you a spiritual kick with regular business/finance-focused Qur'an tafseer sessions! Or hear the IFG team discuss current affairs in our fortnightly news round-up!
Islamic Media Podcast is an independent podcast run by a team of Sunni Muslims who are dedicated to providing the Muslims all around the world with authentic Sunni Islamic knowledge that can be traced back all the way to our Prophet (peace be upon him). We believe the Muslims today are in extreme need for authentic Islamic knowledge to practice their Religion. The ignorance in the Religion is the main reason why the Muslims are going through extremely tough times today. We ask Allah to facil ...
A”Salaam Alaikum, Welcome to the islamic audio bytes podcast where we will be reading islamic books and articles from various authors. Do join our facebook community to feedback or any other comments - we would love to hear from you. Let’s read and learn together. Thanks for listening. islamic audio bytes. Email:
Understanding Islam the way Muhammad(saw) taught Sahaba. This podcast brings you lectures and Khutbah (Sermon) from some of the best Urdu Aalim and preachers. Join us on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast & other Podcasting Platform. Disclaimer: We do not own any the Lectures their credit goes to their respective Speakers.
BiR is short for Brief Islamic Reminders, an Arabic word that means piety. It also means kindness, charity & everything good. I chose this name because Reminders are also good & an act of charity. In this podcast I will be sharing some reminders from the Quran & Hadees that we need to take note of & apply in our daily lives. May Allah swt make it a means of sadqa e jaariah for me….Aameen
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Kembali lagi dengan Islamic Histories setelah liburan lebaran yeay! Seperti yang sempat kita sampaikan di episode terakhir, insyaaAllah kedepan kita bakalan bahas tentang buku Siyar A'lam An-Nubala' Series. Dan kali ini kita ngobrolin tentang Abu Bakar Ash-Shiddiq رضي الله عنه hear this out!
Saudi global export of an ultra-conservative strand of Islam and its impact on Muslim countries and communities across the globe has been a hotly debate topic for more than two decades. The rise of jihadist groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State and their attacks in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa fuelled the debate, particularly si…
This short series considers takes the lessons from Angel Jibreel (Gabriel) for the Muslim, and looks at different articles of faith that are pertinent to the believer.This programme was delivered for who are a not-for-profit group focussing on new Muslim affairs.על ידי Doha Islamic Events
May 19, 2022. In our latest episode, we look at : Cash as an investment during times of inflation Stocks as an investment during times of inflation Real Estate as an investment during times of inflation Gold as an investment during times of inflation Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as an investment during times of inflation #goldinvestment #investingd…
#MindfulnessofAllah #Muraqabah #awarenessofAllah is a state of awareness of Allah’s (swt) constant presence in our lives. The thought that our every action, thought or feeling is being watched by Him protects us from committing sins even in solitude, helps us in achieving humility in our acts of worship & hence achieving success.…
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