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A festive ep kicks off with some S-List nominations. McV takes an anti-social stance to social media and Jim sabotages his own Christmas by hunting his own gifts down. The Grimsby Lantern returns in a blaze of glory to promote an upcoming Team-Up with his pod - DEF CAST!
In honor of Dr Helen Sharman (the first Briton in space - 1991)Jim adds space chancer Tim Peake to the rebooted S-List for his under-whelming space walk. Amongst reviews of Deadpool & Marvel's Star Wars comic reboot, the Beastmasters say farewell to 3 legends and rag on a few undesirables of the social media world. Long time MFTB listener James Wai…
The Beastmasters return to talk about all things Terminator. The topic moves onto Peter Parker's short-comings and the logic of putting Batman on a spaceship. Music comes courtesy of Italian punks 'Cavaverman' and Steel City rockers 'Roaming Son'. Also, Brian Trevelan gives a hypnotic reaction to Jim's band.…
The Beastmasters return to rave about the new Daredevil TV show, which lacks only Coolio and a seesaw scene. Jim finds an unlikely scapegoat for Keaton's Oscar failure and reviews include recent thinky sci-fi and the new Nirvana doc. Music comes courtesy of McV's band The Clench and The Backhanders.
The festive spirit leads to some low-brow hijinks as the Beastmasters round-up their personal highs of 2014. McV unknowingly perfects his Bobcat Goldthwait impersonation and Jim declares his favourite Doctor Who to be 'Tom Pertwee'. Music comes courtesy of 65 Days of Static from their Silent Running re-score project.…
The Beastmasters kick-off with a Batman overspill that culminates in an ill-advised R&B Bat-homage. McV reports back on the Celluloid Screams Horror Festival 2014 whilst Jim endures real-life horror in the trouser dept. Music comes courtesy of the superbly sinister Nightsatan!
The Beastmasters do a hungover round-up of the summer blockbusters, culminating in McV's lofty take on the new Transformers flick. Insights into the dark and disturbing realities of 80s hits Flight of the Navigator and Big are also revealed. Music by The Wild Sons of Gentlemen and Friends of Batman.
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