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"The question is every n***a with dreads for the cause, is every n***A with golds for the fall?" - Andre Benjamin In the pursuit of justice, safety, and equality, what is expendable? Who are we willing to sacrifice? All casualties of war.. #blackpower #fightthepower #alllivesmatter # #Andre3000על ידי Kim and Cookie
Happy New Year. New year, new season...Kim and Cookie break down the brutality of football and the gangster nature (or lack thereof) of Tory Lanz. #FreeTory. California has a lot of new legislation; maybe Tori used one of those free calls to incriminate himself.על ידי Kim and Cookie
It's been a few weeks and a lot to unpack. Free Brittany is now a reality; shout out to the prison cuts. Prime Time is on his way to Boulder, hope he keeps it weird. How exciting for CU; maybe all the now-legal swirly couples have a diverse place in Colorado to visit while they are waiting on their belonging back from their same-race exes.…
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