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On this week's episode of The Fan Lebatard Show, we chat with ESPN's Christine Lisi about her time working with the show, her passion for baking, and much more. Remember to like, subscribe, rate, and review this podcast. Follow us on Twitter @Lebatard_fan!על ידי The Fan LeBatard Show Podcast
We are joined this week by Sports Card Investor's Director of Operations Tyler Holzhammer -- aka THE HAMMER -- to talk about his experience appraising Greg Cote's cards, the weirdest cards he's ever come across, and how amateur collectors should manage their cards. Follow him on Twitter @TBoltz09 and Sports Card Investor @SportsCardInv…
On this week's episode, we discuss the potential fallout from the Tiger Woods car crash and where does the superstar go from here. Also, we introduce our new gambling "expert" Woodsy to deliver some "winning" picks for Feb 24.על ידי The Fan LeBatard Show Podcast
I wanted to do something for episode 10, so I went and found a pirate historian to help us all brush up on our pirate knowledge while we follow in the wake of The Dan Lebatard Show's pirate ship. Dr. Rebecca Simon provides some awesome history into pirates, how they are portrayed, and even offers a bit of redemption to Amin. Purchase her book, "Why…
After a months-long saga, we are finally joined by Lorenzo Rodriguez. This conversation is exactly what you would expect from the Loren-Zone. It's long, meandering, and delightful. If you make it long enough, you will hear us exchange pooping stories. How's that for a tease?על ידי The Fan LeBatard Show Podcast
On today's episode we talk to Lour Ranger doctors (my word, not theirs) Pam and Kizh about what it was like receiving the COVID vaccine, should the NFL keep airing games on Nickelodeon, and who else can Dan convince to join the pirate ship? You can follow Pam on Twitter @HalloweenBasic and Kizh @Kizh_13…
We get just a liiiiiiiitle bit political to start the show before talking to @YetiBlanc_ and @andrewstreeter_ about being part of the Stat of the Day megamix. Make sure to check out their podcast @YesMaybeNoPod if you want more of those guys.על ידי The Fan LeBatard Show Podcast
A huge thanks to @BeepCount and @Cutts904 for helping us break down the shocking news that Dan LeBatard is actually a white person. Also, we try to disassociate the number 2020 from this god-awful year and find some more positive things that 2020 is a part of.על ידי The Fan LeBatard Show Podcast
We recklessly speculate about the future of The Dan LeBatard Show with three Lour Rangers from the Lour After Hours podcast. This episode embodies the lazy river of content production, so sit back and enjoy! Follow our guests on Twitter: @TheCoteCavalry @iamkevinito @steve_arduini @LourAfterHoursעל ידי The Fan LeBatard Show Podcast
After a brief musical number, we talk about whether or not it is acceptable to laugh at a thicc James Harden (or any athlete for that matter). Plus, being thankful in 2020 -- what sports I was introduced to during quarantine that actually kick ass. Also, happy birthday to Dan LeBatard. I don't care. Good luck.…
Dan Le Batard, ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy and Stugotz (kind of) hold a therapy session for Pistons' coach Stan Van Gundy. The Van Gundy brothers discuss some unselfish guys they've coached, handling post-game interviews, coaching failures, the triangle offense and if Jeff will coach again.
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