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Well, we figured it out. Men really are simple creatures! This is an amazing episode that goes down the rabbit hole. Kim and Bree from Empowerment 4 Women open the boys minds to a different way of thinking . audio Block Double-click here to upload or link to a .mp3. Learn moreעל ידי Dr Bryce Fleming and Issac Butterfield
This week the boys interview Erin Maddison, owner and director of Pink Muscle on Darby St. Listen and learn about Erins challenges and how she overcome them being a 'power woman' in multiple male dominated industries. Oh, and she makes a awesome smoothie too!!!על ידי Dr Bryce Fleming and Isaac Butterfield
The boys discover the in's and out's of the Crossfit World with former Australian Commando Lee Wilson. Is Crossfit a cult? How can this style of training help you to achieve your other life goals? How much does mental strength really play a role? And did Lee really get a Harley Davidson with the number plate -No Rep??? Listen, laugh and learn on th…
The boys interview Lisa Kernes director of Revolution Business located on Darby St Newcastle. It's easy to blame the world when you are dest a lousy hand... But not Lisa! Lisa has overcome some unbelievable life challenges including spending 4 years in hospital to become the successful person she is today. Inspirational!!! - Enuf said!…
This week Isaac and Bryce interview Adrian Sutter, Director of Fit and Fresh Australia, Newcastle largest fresh food meal delivery service. They uncover the ‘why’ behind the development of the business, some of the misconceptions that have developed in the health food industry, what humans should eat (which is probably not the 2 schooners Isaac had…
Welcome to the first episode of Modern Day Thoughts. In this episode Bryce and Isaac chew the fat and find out each others passions, hobbies, thoughts for the future and even their previous work experiences. Did one of them really work at Pumpkin Patch?על ידי Dr Bryce Fleming and Isaac Butterfield
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