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More news in one podcast than liberals will give you in a lifetime! It's a comedic, satirical look at the news of the week. Where common sense overrides political correctness. I may not always be right but I will always be truthful to my heart in the moment. My goal is to inform and entertain. But more importantly to give you a place to come where you can see you are not alone. There are more people than you imagine who feel the exact same way you do.
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Join me as I interview Sam Widener. He's worked on 8 campaigns, Served as a Virginia senate page, worked for turning point USA and is only 17 years old. We chat about everything from what he sees in his school to what he hopes for our country. Support the showעל ידי Jeff Ahern
This week we talk about the real problem facing this country. And it isn't inflation, sky high gas prices, crime or our non existent souther border. It's you. Who every time you have a chance to change things, keep voting in the same progressive, woke democrats who made it this bad in the first place . Support the show…
I have had it with the left. We are not a racist county. Most of us love each other regardless of race. And I am sick and tired or trumped up and created racism to win elections. As a county we have had enough! Support the show (על ידי Jeff Ahern
It's time to stop blaming criminals, the homeless and those who would do us harm for their own gain for the downward spiral of this country. None of it would be possible without an electorate dumb enough to keep voting for more of it. Support the show (על ידי Jeff Ahern
The left is okay with antisemitism and racism and there approach to end antisemitism and racism. You cant make this stuff up. But you have to vote for it to occur and for some reason people do. Support the show (על ידי Jeff Ahern
There was a time for robust unemployment benefits. That time has passed. When you make more money not working than working is it any surprise so few people want to return to work. Support the show (על ידי Jeff Ahern
Hope you enjoy the first official podcast of Truth, Sarcasm and the News of the Day! I do the podcast live on YouTube and patreon every Friday at 11am pacific time. Be a part of it.! For the video Archive of all my podcasts please join my patreon were you will also get 26 news stories a month and discounted tickets to my events. Thank You and God B…
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