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SEASON 14 IS COMPLETE! Here we cover season 14's stylized finale which plays loosely on Waiting for Godot but in a laser tag spot. Get into it and get hype for older season coverage which we will of course release regularly on schedule in a timely manner with no delays or abberations.
We're back with another episode of the most inane content imaginable. Crazy times, huh? We won't be talking about the times much here because this was recorded a couple weeks ago and this is a podcast about a TV show. Anyways, boy oh boy it's a fun ep about a bad ep today. We got a real life woman on the pod! Enjoy!…
Folks, it's a good ep. Even though it was recorded like 10 months ago. You'll be swimming in clips. Season 14 is here and we're scrambling to release our back catalog and jump into the new eps. If all goes to plan (which doesn't tend to happen), you piggies are going to plump with content slop. Slurp it up.…
We're sort of back jabronis! In this straight up garbage teaser, we reflect on our accidental prolonged hiatus using our shitty new bi-coastal recording setup. Rough as this may be, rest assured jabroni nation - the pod will soon rise from the ashes like a glorious horny phoenix.
Who could have ever guessed - another classic ep?! In the modern era!? Let us rejoice. Dennis loses his mojo. Dee becomes a golden goddess. Frank shows porn to a teenager in the forest who Dee then bangs. Mac and Charlie also do a very bad thing.
The cultural climate is a-changing and the gang is feeling the heat. Will 13 seasons of wildly problematic sexual behavior catch up with them? We break down a very fun ep and discuss the very chill subject of sex crimes in the #metoo era via Sunny. What a time to be alive.
It's ladies night at Paddy's Pod. Boggs reboot. Season 13. All the ladies are coming out. Dee is forcing it. The Waitress is getting drunk as hell. Artemis is a wildcard. The moms are here. Frank is in the bathroom tryina bang. *ding* We have reached boozing altitude.
The audio quality is still "good" and we cover a very fun ep. Carmen is back and we talk about representations of trans people in media. Mac is banging her regardless. Dennis and Frank want to murder. Charlie is doing a lawyer thing. Dee is Pepperjack's best ho.
The new setup has arrived and we are popping our p's to really test it out. Still some shit to figure out, but sound quality has significantly improved just in time for REAL SAYING RETARDED HOURS *AIR HORN AIR HORN*. It's a classic episode with the nightman song and a lot of saying the R word.
It's Christmas in July p-dicks. A mere 6 months after the release of part one, we have PART TWO of our review of the timeless seasonal classic that is A Very Sunny Christmas. We straight up just start in the middle of the episode here, so that's great. Maybe check out part 1 from back in December. RIP the old shitty audio, sound quality gon be be r…
Uploading this one blind. Gabe says it's "our worst episode" and he likes everything. Wowy. We do have a special guest Sam on the pod. Totally not his fault if it's bad. Probably more of an audio thing. Good news is, new recording setup coming down the line people. No more xbox live gamer chat quality. Pound off in the comments if you like the new …
It's another good ep about a great ep. Hoo boy do we cover it. The whole gang is in classic form. The Duster makes it's debut. We manage to talk about Korea stuff without doing any racist accents. You think a pirate lives in there?
Get ready for your butthole to be shredded like tissue paper - today's ep is tight one. The McPoyle's hold the gang hostage. Frank plays Die Hard in the vents. Charlie kisses Dee and farts in Mac's face. Other things happen too and we talk about them.
Another classic ep about a classic ep for Jabroni Nation. Barbara is dead. The Lawyer is introduced. Bruce Mathis shows back up and tries to get Dee and Frank to bang in front of him. The boys try to recruit other boys to a party mansion with a flyer that looks like a penis. There's a lot to love and a lot to hate on today's episode [Dramatic Pause…
I feel like we're always saying this, but for real this is a truly classic episode of Sunny. Greenman. Frank and Charlie on acid. Busload of McPoyle's. Fake Donovan McNabb. Open Eagles tryouts like that new kids on the block movie. Dee crossdresses and looks like Bret Michaels. Do we do it justice? Tune in to find out and sound off on Twitter when …
As a special holiday gift to jabroni's everywhere, we're covering the timeless seasonal classic "A Very Sunny Christmas". Enjoy part one, and Merry Christmas, bitches! Stay tuned later this week for Part Two: Did You F**K my Mom, Santa Claus?
Hoo boy folks, this one's a doozy. Host Taylor is absent and the boys are running wild. Get ready for an indulgent yet riveting 45 minute discussion of a 22 minute episode (among other nonsense topics that somehow factor in as well).
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