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I will delve into the world of the 1st amendment mostly. However we will have other folks on the show who are out here exercising theirs rights under the 2nd Amendment. Keep in mind I am not perfect,neither will my podcasts. Thank you for listening. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/pikes-peak-auditors/support
Pikes Peak Pastcast

Pikes Peak Pastcast

Pikes Peak Library District

Pikes Peak Pastcast is an audio podcast of the presentations from the Pikes Peak Library District’s annual history symposium events and other related content. The symposia, and affiliated Regional History Series of books and DVDs, chronicle the unique and often undocumented history of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West.
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Communion is an active demonstration of one’s commitment to true and ultimate obedience to the commandments of Jesus. This message highlights the partnership God seeks with us by faith to activate everything He designed communion to be in our lives.על ידי Pikes Peak Christian Church
How you treat the people God brings into your life says a lot about who you're following. In this message, we look at how we can honor Christ by keeping the highest law in the Bible--the law to love one another.על ידי Pikes Peak Christian Church
Mind Your Money. Is there anything that dominates our thinking more than money, especially in this time of inflation? Proverbs, though written more than 2500 years ago, has a lot to say about handling money wisely.על ידי Pikes Peak Christian Church
Christians find themselves in the midst of two kingdoms, and we have a key role to play in both. In this message, we'll gain wisdom from Proverbs and other passages on how to relate to those who govern us.על ידי Pikes Peak Christian Church
No subject is more frequently addressed in Proverbs than the way we talk. A wise person understands that the tongue is powerful and either fosters life or brings about death. Therefore, choose your words wisely!על ידי Pikes Peak Christian Church
Did you know that Jesus said more about hell than any other person in the Bible? How does that reconcile with his love? Pastor Darrin will share why we need to take seriously what Jesus has to say and why we need him as Lord.על ידי Pikes Peak Christian Church
We are living in what the Bible calls the Last Days, the final period of time before Jesus returns. There is a lot of confusion about how this will play out, but one thing is clear: It ought to make a difference in the way we live our lives.על ידי Pikes Peak Christian Church
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