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*UPDATE: I've changed my name! New website:* Would you like to become a better submissive? In this episode I talk about four foundational ways you can improve in your submission, including: respect, acts of true service, obedience and gifts. I'll also talk about a few things to avoid. Help yourself stand out from the crowd and re…
*UPDATE: I've changed my name! New website:* 10 steps on how to explore feminization and discover what you truly enjoy. This episode focuses on genuine exploration (not fetish). I am welcoming and affirming of people who are crossdressers, LGBTQ+ and/or questioning their identity.על ידי Scarlet Lovella
*UPDATE: I've changed my name! New website:* Many people have a misunderstanding about BDSM and assume it's just whips, chains and heartlessness (or worse, get their information from mainstream media). They might also mistakenly assume all Dominants work exactly the same. Let me guide you through my philosophy and practice of BDS…
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