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This channel has no target audience. It’s for everyone! I hope you learn a little something about yourself or others. I promise to be a genuine and an authentic messenger at all times. This podcast was created out of pure love with the goal to inspire and educate others through sharing life experiences and stories 💕🙏
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Dating isn’t always easy and it isn’t always fun…but sometimes it can be both! How do you navigate “dating” in a new world, with new technology, and a standard that shifts daily?Here’s the link to the book referenced in the podcast “Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties”:…
Did you hear what I said?You must be stupid of deaf.If you touch me againI'm gonna take off your head.HahahahaNobody's taking anyone's head off today, Peter, you silly little goose. Where's all that aggression coming from? Jesus.They hurt!The voices are lying, don't worry.Are you sure we're not insane?There's no possible way to prove nor disprove i…
It’s important to communicate with each and really make an honest effort to do it well. However, if you have done all that you can be communicate clearly and objectively... my friend you’ve done all that you can do. You cannot control the perception, receipt, and results of the communication by the receiver.…
Dating in 2018 is complicated. Social media, dating apps, and superficial needs and desires. Theres some basics things we all shouod be mindful of when putting ourselves out there. Listen to the episode for some tips to make the experience a little better.
Becky Turner is the maniac behind and is a passionate eternal student of science. I love her! Today we talked about Pete's brain damage, who is technically one of the operators in this conversation. We also cover the important topics of synesthesia and chicken-driven world domination.על ידי Schemey Pete
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