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Ms Yearwood is back with a new album and a huge tour which is coming to Milwaukee in November. We want to know if Garth is going to be with her, she has an answer that got us excited. And what is Trisha's favorite thing she did while in Milwaukee filming her Food Network cooking show?על ידי FM106.1 (WMIL-FM)
We sit down with out travel expert Brian Hurley from Travel Leaders and discuss our Boots on the Beach 2019 trip. All the details about the beautiful TRS Turquesa in the Dominican Republic as well as what to expect from the artists coming along.על ידי FM106.1 (WMIL-FM)
Rafa was on a mission to drive his Harley from the tip of South America to Alaska with a stop in Milwaukee for the 115th. During his stop his bike broke down. Broke, miles from home, no one wanted to help him. That's when a Muskego Indian Motor Cycle Dealer stepped up to help get him back on the road.…
When should you throw out those gross household cleaning items? We also talk about how comfortable we are with our significant others. When did you think it was "ok" to let out your gross habits? Plus the Packers coming off a big win and how can you get a limited edition 100 years of Green Bay football.…
Flashback Friday we play our favorite Reba songs ahead of her State Fair show. Plus Matt Mueller from stops by to chat movies and the spicy camel burger he ever ate at the fair. Speaking of the fair we talk to Melinda Meyers about what's she's doing at State Fairעל ידי FM106.1 (WMIL-FM)
Ben Rue has been teaming up with Accu-Chek to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes, AND he's a super talented, rising country artist! Shan got a chance to talk about his music, #BuckOffDiabetes and his favorite spots in Wisconsin!על ידי FM106.1 (WMIL-FM)
It's technically spring even though much of the country hasn't felt it. Eventually the flowers will pop up and it will be time to start thinking about farmers markets and gardens. To get things jump started we talked to garden expert Melinda Meyers about how you can ensure a great summer.על ידי FM106.1 (WMIL-FM)
What is "flirting"? In the social media/snapchat times that we live in when is flirting wrong and when is it too far? First me must define it in-order to determine where the line is. We discuss how people deal with others flirting with your significant other.על ידי FM106.1 (WMIL-FM)
Chrissy Teigan carried a pan of scalloped potatoes through TSA at LAX. So we investigated what you can take through security and the things that you CAN NOT! We along with listeners share the things that we've gotten busted trying to travel with. You've never believe the things that make you look like a terrorist.…
What's it like for Sugarland now that they are back! Preparing for a new album, big tour and what is the biggest change since they last walked away from being a duo? We discuss it all with them and get some really honest answers about life and why they were "On A Break!"על ידי FM106.1 (WMIL-FM)
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