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Good afternoon, For those that have noticed this podcast has been moved so it uploads at a new time. Our podcast will now come out the following week on the morning of the live broadcast. If interested in listening to the live show, it is on Sundays from 6:00 till 7:30 for the Shade Garden and 7:30 till 9:00 EST for Archer's Blues Pit on xrpradio.c…
Special episode with a 4 part interview with dunkie members Anthony Price and Wayne Bassett about their upcoming release of the EP "The Vanishing and Other Stories." Joining them in the interview are Mark Purnell and Sarah Birch to talk about their collaboration on the track "Deep Dark Heart" from the dunkie EP, but we also get some insights into t…
It's a first in The Shade Garden! Juniper held her first interview with a favorite indie musician from her home state, K Michael Joseph! Tune in to hear what inspires him, what his musical background is, and other fascinating facts about his music. Also, tune in to hear many other great independent and unsigned artists as heard on XRP Radio. Note..…
Get your boots and hat and join me in the garden for some bluegrass, country, and country-like tunes. Nothin' like an angsty country sad song or one that makes you want to do a line dance! Y'all come round and get ready to tap your toes, kick up your heels, and cry over your beer.על ידי The shade Garden
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. Get in the garden for some winter/holiday vibes...songs about stars, love, snow, planetary convergences, and songs that give you all the feels.על ידי The shade Garden
As the days grow longer and the days grow shorter, it's a great time to relax in The Shade Garden with Juniper. In this episode, we have some technical it may have some interesting intervals in there as Juniper cries out for help... LOL still, some pretty great tunes!על ידי The shade Garden
Join me for an hour of powerful, indie women musicians to celebrate 100 years of (not all) women getting to vote! It's election week and this week's show is in honor of all the badass women who fought so hard for the right to be heard!על ידי The shade Garden
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