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Meet MJ Boice, and get to know her voice like you've come to know her writings in many a magazine and online blogs! We chat on topics like what it takes to be a successful magazine writer, on upcoming personal appearances and on her famous "WORD!"
Meet Michelle Aikman, the 2016 AFI Air Force Souse of the year, and the owner/creator of CERNO. CERNO is in the process of redefining corporate team building by making said events fun, challenging and exciting! Michelle is also the originator of the Give-A-Squat campaign!
Cara Loken talks about the non-profit program she started to help veterans suffering from traumatic brain injuries, post traumatic stress disorders and thos who care for them thru art therapy. Also, at the end is an "easter egg"....
Meet Robin Pruitt, the 2017 AFI Kentucky National Guard Spouse of the Year, and how she handles the duties of the Family Readiness Group Leader, taking care of the newly minted Guard families until they are assigned their first Guard installation.
Meet Cynthia Giesecke, a shaker and mover in the Army spouse world - and hear about working with the National Military Family Association, Family Readiness Groups, Army Family Team Building, Army Family Action Plan, Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, and a
Jessica Salter is a well known military spouse shaker and mover, working to get Tricare to re-think what is pre-existing conditions and what is preventative measures in dealing with breast cancer.
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