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TMZ's lawyers Jason Beckerman and Derek Kaufman loiter at the intersection of law and entertainment, where they look closely at the personalities, events and trends driving the world of celebrity — and how the law affects it all. You might learn something… then again you probably won’t… but either way it will be a fun ride!
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Sacha Baron Cohen is up to his old tricks again for a new show. But did he finally go too far by impersonating a military veteran to humiliate Sarah Palin? All this – and a huge oversight on our best fictional lawyers list – on this week’s episode.
You CAN’T HANDLE our list of the best and funniest fictional lawyers - or can you? No need to call Saul… just grab your cousin Vinny, put your best balm on, and join Jason and Derek for a monstrously good time discussing their favorite fictional lawyers from the big and small screens.
Melania Trump may really not care, but the rest of the world surely does, and they’ve now forced the Prez to do the thing he hates most — reverse course. We dissect Trump’s border policy — was it legal, was it fair, and where do we go from here?
Donald Trump is on a pardoning binge, offering up clemency to everyone from Martha Stewart to Muhammad Ali. But his real motive seems to be pardoning his favorite person of all – himself. Can he do it … on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Fortnite has been a runaway success, breaking all sorts of records in the gaming world. But one company is dragging the gaming giant into court, claiming Fortnite’s a total ripoff. Which will be last game standing … on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Sin City finally has some competition. The U.S. Supreme Court just cleared the path for all states to join in the multi-billion dollar sports gambling industry. We break down how it happened and whether it’s a good idea on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Cardi B and Offset got caught in the middle of another brawl in NYC. But video shows the victim literally asking for the beatdown. Does this hurt his chances at pressing charges or landing a big payday. We break it all down on this week’s episode.
Kanye West went from mercurial genius to worldwide pariah after his inexplicable rant on slavery, prescription drug abuse, and what it means to be “crazy.” Van Lathan joins BTB to discuss Kanye’s undoing, and the long, hard road back to superstardom.
Meek Mill’s crusade against a Philly judge didn’t only get him sprung from jail but sent shockwaves through the criminal justice system. But he’s not out of the woods yet. We discuss Meek’s rise from inmate to toast of the town on this week’s episode.
“Silicon Valley” and “Dead Pool" star TJ Miller may do 5 years in prison for allegedly settling a grudge by falsely accusing a woman of trying to bomb a train. We talk terrorist hoaxes in a post-9/11 world on this week’s episode.
Melrose Place star Jamie Luner stands accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a 16-year-old boy. But why does this feel different than Bill Cosby? The double standard between men and women in child sex cases … on this week’s Behind the Bar.
David Hogg didn’t get into every college he wanted, but he’s helped spark a huge movement in the wake of the Parkland shooting. Now a retired justice has called for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment. We discuss the possibilities on this week’s episode.
Fred Savage is accused of abusing a crew member, and she alleges it’s his M.O. But while most celebs are quickly convicted in the court of public opinion, our favorite child star may get a free pass. The benefits of being likeable, on Behind the Bar.
Stormy Daniel is waging war with Donald Trump, filing a lawsuit to invalidate a hush agreement so she can spill the beans about their alleged affair. But could this actually lead to impeachment? We take a closer look on this week’s episode.
Stoneman Douglas students are on a mission to push through tighter gun control, and President Trump seems open to delivering change. Or is he? We sift through the good ideas, the bad ideas, and the total nonstarters on this week’s episode.
Black Panther is exceeding expectations at the box office, but Kendrick Lamar and Sza just fell prey to a lawsuit from an artist over a music video from the soundtrack. Is the latest superhero really a supervillain? Find out on this week’s episode.
Blake Griffin may have left L.A., but his ex is hauling him back to a California court for allegedly breaking a promise to support her forever. But can she win if the couple never walked down the aisle? We break down palimony on this week’s episode.
Facing prison and a lifetime of shame for a child porn conviction, former ‘Glee’ star Mark Salling took his own life before the judge banged the final gavel. But what does it mean for victims of his crimes? We break it down on this week’s episode.
USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar will spend the rest of his life in prison for sexually assaulting more than 100 young athletes over his 20-year career. But who’s to blame for letting it happen? We break it down on this week’s Behind the Bar.
More than 20 years after Nancy Kerrigan was kneecapped before the 1994 Winter Olympics, Hollywood seems to be embracing Tonya Harding. Is it too soon, or has she suffered enough? We revisit the “Whyyyy” Heard Round the World … on this week’s episode.
Absurd lawsuits are nothing new, and 2017 saw some real doozies. From slippery donkeys and sugary jelly beans, to a man who sued his date for texting too much, Derek and Jason reflect on their frivolous favorites… on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Apple just fessed up – older iPhones ARE slower, and the company did it on purpose! But was it just to preserve your old battery, or an illegal ploy to force you into a pricey upgrade? We get to the core of the matter … on this week’s Behind the Bar.
The FCC just slashed internet regulations, and the Left thinks Armageddon is upon us. But is this really the end of the internet as we know it? We cover the broad spectrum of possibilities with a former FCC insider on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Cryptocurrency is booming, and investors are making tens of millions overnight. But is it just a financial bubble about to pop, or is Bitcoin about to change everything we know about money? An expert breaks it all down, on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle caused ripples of excitement on both sides of the pond. But could their “I Do’s” actually reunite the Crown and the Colonies? We unpack the royal possibilities on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Roy Moore’s Senate run is failing due to claims he hit on young girls. Win or lose, the GOP knows it’s screwed. But can they really remove him from the ballot or, if he wins, expel him from the Senate? We weigh the options on this week’s Behind the Bar.
The #MeToo movement has cast a long overdue spotlight on the scourge of sexual misconduct in the entertainment biz, and the media is all too happy to print the lurid accusations. But who will pay the legal price when someone’s “me too” simply ain’t true -- on this week’s Behind the Bar?
Just 9 months into his presidency, prominent Republicans have defected from their own party to take a stand against Trump. Just hollow words, or a harbinger of impeachment? We take a look back to discuss Trump’s chances of serving his full term.
Colin Kaepernick still hasn’t found a QB job and now alleges team owners are in cahoots to blackball him. Is it just a desperate man’s futile Hail Mary, or a legit threat to NFL hegemony? We scramble to find the answers … on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Harvey Weinstein’s swift demise triggered a long overdue conversation about the sexual politics of Hollywood. But has the belated outrage also revealed how years of complicity actually enabled his monstrous misdeeds … on this week’s Behind the Bar.
The carnage in Vegas has again spurred a public outcry for gun control, but the right is pushing back. Have we reached a tipping point, or is this just another chapter in America’s failed efforts to rein in gun violence… on this week’s episode.
Coaches and sportswear execs have been arrested for funneling cash to players. But are the accused actually guilty of crimes deserving of jail time, or sacrificial lambs paying for the sins of a broken and corrupt NCAA… on this week’s Behind the Bar.
Mel B’s nasty divorce just got even nastier with 2 women accusing the former Spice Girl of badgering them into falsely testifying on her behalf. But could she actually get in real legal trouble? We dive into witness tampering on this week’s episode.
The President pulled the plug on Obama’s program to protect young, undocumented immigrants from deportation. Is it racism, or a necessary reversal of an illegal policy? We strip out the politics and just look at the facts on this week’s Behind the Bar.
An LA judge dismissed Simmons’ defamation suit against the Enquirer, holding that modern society wouldn’t hold such a thing against the fitness guru. But have we really come that far, or is this just a Pollyannish overreach by an activist judge?
Music superstar Usher is facing an onslaught of lawsuits for allegedly spreading herpes to sexual partners. But is he in any serious trouble? All this – and can the author of the infamous Google memo sue over his firing – on this week’s episode.
Citing health care costs and “distractions” to the armed forces, Donald Trump banned transgender people from military services. But it looks like the facts – and military history – expose the Prez’s true motivations on this week’s Behind the Bar.
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