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तन्नेरी डबली हाम्रो जेनेरेसनको गफ गर्ने, कुरा सुन्ने-सुनाउने, विचार आदानप्रदान गर्ने साझा डबली हो। यो डबली सुरु गर्नुको उद्देश्य हामी साथीहरु भेट हुँदा चिया पसलमा गरिने ती चिया गफहरु, मोमो पसलमा मोमो कुर्दै गर्दा गरिने ती मोमो गफहरु, सार्वजनिक गाडीमा हरेक दिनजसो भेटिदा गरिने माइक्रो गफहरु अथवा अन्य गफहरु ती सबै गफहरुलाई हामीमा मात्र सिमित नराखेर अरुलाई पनि सुनाउनु अनि अरुलाई पनि त्यो गफमा सामेल गर्नु हो | #Nepali #Podcast #Youth #Opportunity #PublicService #Politics #Lifestyle
Tanner Talks shares topics of interest for our patients from physicians at Tanner Clinic. Website - https://tannerclinic.com/ Phone Number - (801) 773-4840 ------------------------------SOCIAL------------------------------ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/tannerclinic Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/tannerclinic/ TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@tannerclinic YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/@TannerClinic
Chris and Tanner Podcast

Chris and Tanner Podcast

Chris and Tanner (www.chrisandtanner.com)

10 years. 5 podcasts. 2 friends. 0 listeners. You'd think after all these years longtime friends Chris and Tanner might've decided enough was enough, but they won't stop until they get a listener. Might that person be you? It could be if you like candid comedy, pop culture, nostalgia, and self loathing.
Football presenter David Tanner loves football and talking about it. That’s handy - it’s exactly what he does here on The Tanner Ball Player Podcast. Best known for broadcasting on BT Sport, Sky Sports and TalkSPORT, David is joined by some of his favourite football personalities. Supported by Ladbrokes, sponsor of the SPFL.
We all have blind spots… I do… But YBS? YBS your business, your family, and YBS your life. It starts with asking the question… But it’s really about living it… And that’s what this podcast is all about…
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On today's show we discussed the most unfaithful cities in America. We also found out some troubling stats about winning the lottery and divorce. Plus, we talked about the doctors finger that might have to check Tanner's overactive prostate.על ידי 105.9 The Brew (KFBW-FM)
Flight Medicine—David Farnsworth, MD In this episode, we discuss the topic of Flight Medicine with Dr. David Farnsworth. We get to meet Dr. Farnsworth and learn about his life outside of work as well as his application of his education in marriage and family relations and experience in the military to his practice of medicine at Tanner. We learn wh…
On today's show we clearified that you can't get a refill on a bucket of chicken at KFC. We also had our friend in studio from Goldberg Jones to take questions about divorce and we had a great conversation with comedian Dana Gould. He will be at Helium comedy club all weekend.על ידי 105.9 The Brew (KFBW-FM)
Adult ADHD—Tyler Dixon, DO In this episode we discuss Adult ADHD with Dr. Tyler Dixon. We learn about Dr. Dixon and his life outside of Tanner Clinic. We discuss the fast-growing diagnosis in America of Adult ADHD. We review how Dr. Dixon makes a diagnosis of ADHD in his patients. We cover his treatment and follow-up of this condition. We go over t…
On today's show we rung in a Wednesday by discussing whether this should be considered a wet or a dry hump Wednesday? We also talked about the crazy things that happen to rich kids and we found out that the pacific northwest has the highest rent in America. Lucky us!על ידי 105.9 The Brew (KFBW-FM)
On today's show we held down the fort while Tanner is in Disneyland. We discussed the theory that there might have been a 5th plane hijacked on 9/11 and Casey "Beefwater" Bay came in to discuss some of the great inventions from the 80's.על ידי 105.9 The Brew (KFBW-FM)
On today's show we finally had the whole show back in the building after a long weekend. We were stoked to find out that Laura finally got on a flight to Texas but we were bummed to find out that Tanner got into a car accident. Good thing we played an amazing Mexican Pizza rant that is sure to make up for any garbage you are dealing with during you…
यो सिजन ३ को सातौ डबली हो । आज हामी नेपालमा अवसरहरूको विषयमा छलफल गर्नेछौं। ________________________ PRESENTER: Kailash Neupane, Sushila Magar & Deep Jyoti Shrestha EDITING, EFFECT & MIXING: Sushila Magar ________________________ तन्नेरी डबली एउटा नेपाली पोडकास्ट सिरिज हो । यो तपाईँले विभिन्न पोडकास्ट एप्सहरु (जस्तै google podcast, apple podcast, c…
On today's show we talked about how crazy the weather got overnight and how it impacted the morning commute. We also checked in with Laura as she attempted to get out of town and we talked to comedian. Jay Pharoah who will be at Helium this weekend.על ידי 105.9 The Brew (KFBW-FM)
On today's show we discussed a situation where a guy put cameras in his bathroom to keep people from stealing from him. We discussed what would happen if an Earthquake hit around here and we went down memory lane and talked about our first concerts ever.על ידי 105.9 The Brew (KFBW-FM)
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