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Daily audio journal. Topics about upcoming fatherhood/parenthood while being medicated for a number of ailments/issues. Other topics: substance use and interrelated areas such as recovery, employment, harm reduction, reclusive behaviour, introversion, social anxiety, general anxiety, goal setting/achieving goals, anger, resentment, and more.
TikTok is one of the newest social media apps, and it already has risen up to one of the most popular in the world. This podcast dives into a conversation with some of the creators about the process of creating content, balancing daily life, thoughts on social media, and more!
Social media is critical for brands and business. It’s changed the media landscape forever. The environment is changing everyday and this podcast is focused on how you plan and react to these shifts. This is social media news you can use for your brand or business right now. This is the Social Media Hot Minute, a business and marketing lens on breaking news for social media.
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Nnamdi Ngwe is an actor, writer, and comedian. Along with the rest of the cast of 3Peat, Nnamdi co-wrote and starred in the Blackening and season one of the 3Peat digital series on Comedy Central. He can be seen as a cast member on 4D Printer, You’ve Been Had Celebrity Edition and can also be seen on Busy Tonight and in sketches for The Ringer. Nna…
Elijah Walsh is a trans activist and educator. Having started his transition over ten years ago he is now advocating for others and doing so in the way he knows best, with information, kindness and humor. You can follow him on TIKTOK at elijahhh47, Instagram or at https://beacons.ai/elijahhh47 where you can find an incredible amount of educational …
It's our first episode! In today's episode, I talk to Mike Panero about raising awareness for ADHD and dyslexia, growing up in Japan, and lastly succumb to him taking over the podcast. You can follow Mike Panero on TikTok @mikepanero and you can follow us on Instagram @thetiktokfamouspodcast.על ידי Big Heads Media
You may know Molly from her spot on impressions of her GPS, her iPhone and her obstinate printer. Join Jane and Micah as we find out much more about this Texan destined for a blue check and some big time offers! To suggest a favorite creator for us to interview follow us on TikTok @youretiktokfamousעל ידי Jane Baker and Micah Sherman
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