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Did you know that dating as we know it is less than 100 years old?! In the grand scheme, dating is an infant! So, why do we expect so much from and of it? Is this novel concept giving us a incorrect outlook on our love lives? The PICs break it down!על ידי True Stories Based On Fiction
All right so, boom. We know you come here the last week of every single month to hear D Mack and Evan, The 3rd Host talk that hip hop shit (DMX Summit coming sooner than you think)but they had to pause the usual malarkey to discuss the HBO Max OG: Zack Synder's Justice. Leagueעל ידי True Stories Based On Fiction
Bacc after over a year, this week Chad returns for a special two part episode where he and Evan, the 3rd Host review some awesomely bad movies!First up: American Psycho...2. That’s right, those mother fuckers made a sequel. And yep, it’s awesomely bad. We buried the lead but 🤷🏽‍♂️על ידי True Stories Based On Fiction
Brian and Evan, the 3rd Host are back with their 4th (?) best of the year episode where they count down their favorite movies, tv shows, podcasts and comics of 2020. Of course, with all the craziness of the past year, some alterations had to be made, but the lists are still great.So, in the honor of long form pods like "the Joe Budden Podcast" and …
Just in time for Christmas (take a shot every time Evan, the 3rd Host mispronounces it, the PIC's are back! This is the first of a two-part PIC interview session where they ask each other a number of questions as it relates to loves, sex and dating. Listen!על ידי True Stories Based On Fiction
This week we bring you a re-broadcast of one of the latest episodes of the TSBOF YouTube show (audio only of course). Randy and Evan, the 3rd Host discuss WWE Payback 2020! If you enjoy this please watch and subscribe to the YouTube show on, well...YouTube... Search for "True Stories Based on Fiction"!…
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