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Ambe is a Christian Creative, Minister, Evangelist and Meditation Teacher. She loves to share the Gospel and spread the Good Word about Jesus Christ for His greater glory and for you. She also creates Christian Meditations available on Insight Timer. May you always thrive on every level in Christ. Be inspired. Be encouraged. Be saved! Hallelujah! Insight Timer
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Ambe reads 2 Timothy 1:7 & encourages us to reflect on this small but powerful passage of the scriptures. You too can source through God's Spirit, His Power, Love and Self Discipline in your life. God bless 💒💖
Ambe shares good things occurring right now; going deeper into how she's working through some mighty challenges from the last 2 years to come through smiling and strong in Christ. She prays for you too so that you may be resilient in your season.
Ambe leads a prayer of gratitude to our Lord for His provisions toward us. She prays to open any blockages be broken so that we are open to receive His blessings.
Ambe discusses how we are free, cleansed & pruned by His Word; reading from John 15:3 & Titus 3:8. It is right to devote ourselves in doing good when we trust our Lord & Saviour. Awesome Grace, Mercy & Forgiveness are ours through our loving Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Saviour.
Ambe reads 1 Peter 5:7-11.Reflecting and encouraging you to remember what great strength and love our Lord has for us. That suffering is but for a short while. That we are a family, in Christ Jesus. God bless.
?? Ambe's back, reading and discussing The Word; Ephesians 3:16 about our Lord's Holy Spirit strength. Ambe Prays and asks that the Holy Spirit guide you, today! ??
Ambe contemplates on joy in the love of Christ, and shares some Bible passages around the topic. Her next meditation on Insight Timer will focus on Joy, God's Creations, the Holy Spirit's works and Christ's Love for us.
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